We Have Moved!

This is the last post which will be made at this site. All new posts will be at:


Please bookmark the new site!  In a few days this site will redirect automatically to the new site.

Thanks everyone.

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31 Responses to We Have Moved!

  1. sandy says:

    Your blog is interesting and absorbed my attention regarding the heavy storms on the east coast. I’m glad they weren’t as bad as predicted. Your visuals are good teaching tools. I’m just learning the blog business at WordPress and want to begin writing a book on Experience 2. Sandy

  2. John Silver says:

    The new site sucks. I’ll stay here.
    There seems to be no real motive for the move.

  3. Sleepalot says:

    Will the posts on the old site remain available for reference?

  4. Puckster says:

    The first time I went to the site it was just fine….subsequent tries simply gives me a page with only two things, that being “Real Science” and a “swipe me”, nothing else on the page.

  5. Puckster says:


    This is the address that it shows.

  6. Jimash says:

    Awww… I can’t just log in with no fuss like here.
    Oh well.I’ll get it and see yas soon.
    Congrats Steve.

  7. Jimash says:

    I tried that first thing. The little window never comes up.
    I don’t even get a “busy wheel” in the url slot, nothing.
    IS it my ancient 2004 Apple hardware ?
    G5, OSX10.5.8, Safari 5.06, 11 mbps connection.
    Maybe I just need a reboot LOL

    • John Silver says:

      There is an awful lot of junk on the new site, try the latest Firefox browser.

      • Latitude says:

        Jim, that might be it…I forgot I’m using Firefox
        It seems to be running a tad faster for me now, it was really slow at first
        I have an awful lag when typing a post though, I’m typing about 2-3 words ahead of what I see coming up in the post box……..
        Other than all that, it is very cluttered, slow to load, and very hard to scroll down for old posts, very hard to keep up with latest replies too….

        …other than all that! LOL

  8. Jimash says:

    Again thank you guys.
    Tomorrow I will reboot and try a couple of things when i should be working.
    Wow I just looked in again.
    Took me quite a while to open the magazine cover.
    Bloody Bears! Very cool stuff though.

  9. AndyW says:

    Can’t seem to be able to post anything, which will be a relief to all no noubt ! 😀


  10. slimething says:

    There is no Reply window.

    I tried both Firefox and Exploder. Ok, I feel stupid, but really, how do you post?

    • AndyW says:

      Well I feel stupid and dirty as I have exactly the same problem mate.

      It’s probably a big red button we are too dumb to hit…


  11. Blade says:

    Steve, I hope you don’t mind, I posted some suggestions for the new site here …


    I have a feeling that a lot of people will dislike the learning curve moving to a completely new blog software! You should post a running thread for suggestions, questions and comments about the new site there somewhere. That would alleviate some of the trauma.

  12. Jimash says:

    It looks like Camino ( mutant firefox) would work. Though “guest” is not my first choice.
    Why Safari doesn’t work, is a question I cannot answer yet.
    Even pressing the “like” button doesn’t quite work in Safari.
    At least in Camino when I press the “post as” button I do get a window. More later.

  13. We are going to switch back to the wordpress theme

  14. Richard A says:

    I get error message “page not found ” from the links in the two emails sent @ 1 and 2 am this morning.

  15. Kaboom says:

    The new site is not responding at the moment and times out, even though I could trace the route all the way back to your hoster.

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