Please Post Correct Information On Real-Science

Big favor to ask. Could everyone who sees this please post comments with the correct information on Thanks much!

This is a long story. The work of somebody who isn’t thinking very clearly.

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32 Responses to Please Post Correct Information On Real-Science

  1. Latitude says:

    no can do……all of our posts are being moderated
    Someone is piling on with a ton of fake names….and letter boming the condolenses

  2. Martin Clauss says:

    I tried to post, stating that I thought you lived in Maryland(?) and not Texas; and that I would remain ‘skeptical’ about your passing for a while . . . 🙂

    It shows still under moderation at 8:39, but a another post (from Latitude) has shown up below it, also time stamp of 8:39 . .

  3. foxgoose says:

    Yup – tried to post and put the record straight – but all posts are going to moderation.

    Site also looks odd with some “yellowed out” areas.

  4. lapogus says:

    Hi Steve, yes, my comment at RS is in moderation. Foxgoose has alerted Bishop Hill readers on, which is how I found out what has happened – this needs to get out to all the other realist blogs.

  5. Lars P. says:

    Steven if they hacked your site, they try to get real skeptics emails lists.
    These guys must be desperate to do such thing. Maybe you should ask your provider to have your site being shut down?

  6. DirkH says:

    Yep. I sent them my condolences and landed in moderation.

  7. Eric Barnes says:

    Im guessing anything that exposes the hoax won’t get past moderation. You’ll probably have to get the site admins to reset the password(s).

  8. I’m glad to know you’re alive Steven. I felt sad when I saw the news.

    Who would take the time to do this stunt? Odd that. I did post a comment on the site but it didn’t appear.

    • Brian says:

      maybe it’s revenge for his correction from a few days ago? The timing leads me to believe that maybe there is some link.

  9. jimash1 says:

    I tried . And a very simple post it was. No go thorough.

  10. lapogus says:

    Steve, I should have said, as I just happened across Foxgoose’s comment at Bishiop Hill, I first read not that you had passed away, but that you had not passed way. So I did not express any condolances, but neither did I express any relief that you are still with us, as I had not had the initial shock of the (fake) news. That said, that some low-life-warmist-extremist could hack into Real Science and pull this trick is still a shock. As a fellow cyclist, may I say lang may you spin your chainset spin for many a mile.

  11. Steven Mosher says:

    They are also sending mail out to commenters so it looks like they are accessing commenter emails. I suggest calling the authorities. I take this as a symbolic death threat against you Steve. We do not agree much if anything. That said, having someone hack your site and announce your death is a serious matter. Especially given the column in Forbes where the author basically called on believers to burn down the houses of skeptics. Do not take this lightly.

    • Eric Barnes says:

      I wouldn’t get too worked up about it.
      Juvenile act, yes.
      Criminal act, I suppose.
      Something to lose sleep over? No.
      Whoever did this has the backbone of a jellyfish.
      On an unrelated note, what’s Gleick up to these days?

  12. Kaboom says:

    Definately worthy of the FBI cybercrime division as a case of intimidation by means of hacking. Those guys may actually get some results, unlike the Gleick case.

  13. Billy Liar says:

    Funny how all adjustments to ‘official’ temperature figures are always up.

    BTW I just had a glass of champagne to celebrate the news that the announcement above is false.

    No-one is paying any attention to other than the top post at I just posted the above on one of the other posts.

  14. margaret berger says:

    Well I am so happy to know it was a hoax. Left my condolences. They contacted me.

  15. hro001 says:

    Steven, as an appreciative lurker (and learner) it is good to know that you are alive and well. I hope that the perpetrators will be exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

    On the bright side, I suppose, the fact that they should have chosen to stoop to such a cowardly and dastardly level is indicative of how desperate they’ve become – and how shallow are their “arguments”.

    Hilary Ostrov

    P.S. As a “housekeeping” matter, to avoid any confusion in the minds of any newcomers, you might want to remove the link at the bottom of your sidebar which points to (and indicates that you have moved to) the hacked site.

  16. DirkH says:

    Can the hacker harvest all e-mails by past commenters? In that case, expect a lot of impersonations under your name on other skeptic blogs.

  17. A Lovell says:

    I got an email in my junk mail box. I didn’t open it and marked it as ‘phishing’. Will that stop anyone using my email address?

  18. ganesha says:

    I also received an email…thankfully it is a hoax.

    Godspeed getting it all back under control Steven.

  19. Espen says:

    I got a mail too – but I know nothing more than that it was from “” with subject “Attention: Scientist Steven Goddard dies at 81” – it triggered enough “spam bells” to be automatically deleted by my mail server.

  20. suyts says:

    Steve, give me your statement, and I’ll post it on my site and all of the sites I’ve links too. You can do it here or at Hope I’m not too late.

  21. Pops says:

    Welcome back; even if you haven’t been away.

  22. March says:

    I replied to an email purportedly from Real Science and got this response…seems like a fishing trip.

    Thank you for your interest in contributing posts to Feel free to send us as many posts as you would like for review per day.

    Username: Editor
    Password: RealScience951

  23. foxgoose says:

    I’m not in the US – but maybe someone nearby should contact the priest at the church in Dallas where the fakers are advertising Steve’s funeral on Wednesday.

    His email address is on the church website – but maybe a phone call would be more convincing.

    It would be unpleasant for all concerned if any local admirers of Steve turned up without realising the hoax.

  24. Robertvdl says:

    Glad to know you’re fine. Start posting Real Science again so we know it’s you.

  25. mrsean2k says:

    You might want to consider changing the DNS entry pointing at, if you still have secure access to it. Then you can at least reduce the traffic until you get it sorted.

  26. I tried also… but I doubt my post will make it past the newly instigated moderator queue.

  27. John B., M.D. says:

    Well, all my comments on the other website are awaiting further moderation. I found this site from WUWT.

  28. tckev says:

    Have tried (58 times)to put the info on the blog but I just get “moderated”. Lets hope something get through. Have informed the friends at but curiously that too is in “moderation”

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