Opinion : It Is Difficult To Enjoy Life When You Are Severely Neurotic

Opinion: It’s hard to celebrate Earth Day while facing crisis of climate change

If it wasn’t “climate change” the author would find something else to be miserable about.

More and more people are taking the opportunity on Earth Day to recognize and celebrate the countless life-giving wonders of our precious home planet, the only place in the universe known to support life.

But, for some of us, the celebration is dampened by the realization that we’re abusing and mistreating our home, most notably by poisoning the air daily with tons of greenhouse gases that alter the climate.

CO2 and H2O are the two primary greenhouse gases and also are the basis of all life on Earth.

Much of the public, burdened by climate-change denier propaganda, is unable to accept the unpleasant reality of climate change and seek solutions. Fortunately, when people learn the facts, they can understand man’s role in the problem. Climate change is real, it’s caused primarily by man’s activities, and we need to act now to reduce destructive fossil fuel use and develop clean energy.

Opinion: It’s hard to celebrate Earth Day while facing crisis of climate change | NJ.com

No doubt humans caused the 12 degree swings seen in the graph below, even before modern humans had evolved.

Interesting how the world’s stupidest and most neurotic people imagine that they have science on their side.

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