2008 : Obama Promises 5 Million Green Jobs

I was amazed that anyone voted for this buffoon the first time, but half the country plans to do it again.

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7 Responses to 2008 : Obama Promises 5 Million Green Jobs

  1. Andy DC says:

    I admit I was one of those fools. Never again. If his proactive policy of pandering and giveaways succeeds, we are finished, as those on the dole will be running the show.

  2. Robertvdl says:

    Dutch news

    After just two days of talks, agreement has been reached by a five-party coalition on how to slash the Dutch budget deficit to meet eurozone targets. The Netherlands must submit its austerity package to Brussels by April 30.

    Finance minister Jan Kees de Jager has succeeded in making a deal to cut the deficit together with the D66 Liberal democrats, GREEN PARTY GroenLinks and small Christian party ChristenUnie. Last weekend, seven weeks of talks between the minority coalition and anti-immigration PVV collapsed when Geert Wilders’ party pulled out.

    Prime minister Mark Rutte described Thursday’s agreement as a ‘fantastic result’ and praised the five party leaders for showing responsibility. De Jager said the result shows the Netherlands is doing all it can to meet Brussels’ demands.

    And when they need a Green Party you know what it means.

    • Robertvdl says:

      The measures include:

      Increase in the 19% value-added tax rate to 21%, the 6% rate will remain unchanged
      A cut in income tax to offset some of the effect of the vat increase
      Reduced tax break on new mortages, no tax break for interest-only mortgages
      Reduction in the tax break on home to work travel
      Pay freeze for teachers, police and civil servants
      Increase in tax on alcohol and tobacco
      Higher healthcare fees, reform of own-risk payment to save €1bn
      State pension age to rise by one month in 2013 and two or three months over the next years
      Employers to be responsible for six months of unemployment benefit
      Special crisis tax for very high earners

      The coalition has also agreed a number of measures which the outgoing government is in the process of implementing will be scrapped:

      Cuts in personal healthcare and special education budgets to be (partially) reversed
      No more cuts in development aid
      Planned increases in court fees will be scrapped
      Value-added tax on solar panels and theatre tickets to be reduced
      Entire Hedwige polder to be flooded

  3. slimething says:

    Why are you surprised Steve? It is near to one half of the country supporting the other half. Over 60% receive some sort if government benefit already. 46 million are on food stamps. Claims for disability benefits went up 70%. Obama is on the campaign trail buying college student votes. And on and on. Who’s going to vote
    This pretty much sums it up:

  4. “I was amazed that anyone voted for this buffoon the first time, but half the country plans to do it again.”

    Only an idiot repeats a failed course of action, hoping the outcome will be different.

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