Aggie Joke : Dessler Says Texas Droughts Are Caused By CO2

The worst decade for drought in Texas was the 1950s, which had low CO2 and was dominated by La Nina. Almost all Texas droughts have been associated with La Nina events.

CO2 shows no correlation, but La Nina shows almost perfect correlation. Dessler concludes – ignore the data and stick with the failed theory.

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6 Responses to Aggie Joke : Dessler Says Texas Droughts Are Caused By CO2

  1. Exactly the same happens in Australia but in reverse. Drought during strong El Nino’s and flooding during strong La Nina’s. This phenomena has been known by meteorologists for decades.

  2. Andy DC says:

    But high CO2 correlates well with the current unprecedented 1,000 year Texas droughtflood, as according to Dr. Heyhoe, Texas never had droughtflood prior to 2012. Maybe extreme droughts, maybe extreme floods, but never both at the same time!

  3. Also, the situation in some regions of South America are similar to what happens in certain regions of Australia. I.e., Colombia had drought conditions during the El Nino and heavy rainfall and flooding during the La Nina recently.

    It’s odd how certain Warmists are clever at “adjusting” the climate system to show that warming mysteriously hasn’t stopped, yet can’t seem to manage to “adjust” in the other direction when they want to make the case for extreme weather, etc.

  4. NoMoreGore says:

    Dessler can be explained with one look at his photo. Thousand year stare

  5. wildstar84 says:

    Lol, I’ve always thought “man-made” climate change was a joke, but as an Aggie, I resemble that! HAHA

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