Shock News : Arctic To Be Ice Free In Five Months

December 12, 2007

Melting in the Arctic is occurring faster than most scientists predicted, according to research presented at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

Both Greenland and Arctic sea ice are melting at record rates, with Greenland’s ice sheet losing 19 billion more tons of ice than ever recorded and summertime Arctic sea ice volume declining by 50 percent over the past four years. While just a year ago scientists predicted an ice-free Arctic sea by 2040, they now say the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice-free at the end of summer by 2012.

Arctic sea ice could melt by summer of 2013


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6 Responses to Shock News : Arctic To Be Ice Free In Five Months

  1. Edward. says:

    “There is this thin first-year ice even at the North Pole at the moment,” says Serreze. “This raises the spectre – the possibility that you could become ice free at the North Pole this year.” – Mark Sereeze, 2008″

    The old uns are the best uns.

    I just can’t resist, hmm well if you keep saying it then…….it may happen but not soon methinks.

  2. Andy DC says:

    It’s worse than we thought! That is depite the fact that ice is above the seasonal normal.

  3. Brian says:

    It’s sad that you cannot trust these people.

  4. gregole says:

    UXBRIDGE, Canada, Sep 20, 2010 (IPS) – The carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels have melted the Arctic sea ice to its lowest volume since before the rise of human civilization, dangerously upsetting the energy balance of the entire planet, climate scientists are reporting.

    “The Arctic sea ice has reached its four lowest summer extents (area covered) in the last four years,” said Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in the U.S. city of Boulder, Colorado…

    Death spiral still on. Arctic has a fever, Arctic is screaming, We Must Act Now, blah, blah, blah…

    Fools. All of them.

  5. roger says:

    Yep! This is Charlie Windsor’s year!
    They say that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it – are we going to get a repeat George lV?
    Or will he recant?

  6. Jason Calley says:

    “The Arctic is screaming!”

    Yes, indeed it is.

    It is screaming, “I’M FREEZING! TURN UP THE $%#! THERMOSTAT!!”

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