Tough Row To Hoe

Thousands of scientists are employed to create a crescendo of imaginary alarm over a fabricated problem. Government and insurance companies finance this as a mechanism to raise revenues steal from the public. (Even if the problem was real, they couldn’t do anything about it anyway.)

Imagine having your entire career devoted to manufacturing scientific BS for corrupt agencies.

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9 Responses to Tough Row To Hoe

  1. Owen says:

    The Climate Liars (alarmists) are as crooked and sleazy as the bankers on Wall Street !

  2. Sandy says:

    Hi Steve,
    Way OT but I hope it’ll interest you.
    As you know Willis reckons tropical thunderstorms act as a thermostat that over-rides any ‘forcings’.
    offer a world mercator satellite image on a 3hr update.
    Could you do some pixel counting magic between 20 deg. North and South say to get an index of ITCZ Cu-Nim activity?
    Will variations in this index lead NINO 3 + 4 SSTs, or follow?
    It is a relatively simple index and may need tweaking for day / night and sun zenith, but don’t you reckon it’d be climatoogically significant??

  3. Latitude says:

    Unfortunately earth sciences have just gone this way…
    ….highly competitive, too many kids with degrees….and not enough money to support it all

    No one will get a penny by saying “we don’t think there’s anything wrong, but we want to look at it any way”…..climate science has built on itself this way

  4. dmmcmah says:

    Came across video of Salby’s CO2 talk with his slides:

  5. Sundance says:

    I would suggest that many of these scientists our wonderful in that they provide us with the ability to see weather threats that can save human lives. However there are too many that are not providing any real benefit and could not survive without the government providing them a living. They have no skill that I would be willing to pay them for in the private sector. For example, I already know how to build and tweek computer models to get the results I want. Does anyone see any use in the private sector for a guy that studies tree rings and makes sh_t up? I don’t. It’s not like Hansen or Mann are scientists that provide humans with a better quality of life by inventing useful items like autos or microwave ovens. Think about it from a personal perspective. The person at the drive-through window at Wendys benefits your life more than scientists like Hansen and Mann. Deep down in their hearts they must realize how utterly useless they really are to the rest of us in society. Maybe self-loathing has created anger that drives their need to perpetuate a pseudoscience that blames humans for causing future extinction. 😉

  6. John B., M.D. says:

    I’m sure some readers have already seen this 2010 statement by an EPA official:
    Talk about barbarism. EPA wants to crucify companies they deem as AGW deniers. Well, they’re doing it by dictat/executive order from our “none-of-the-above-unless-I-say-it-is-O.K.” president.

  7. DirkH says:

    “Imagine having your entire career devoted to manufacturing scientific BS for corrupt agencies.”

    I like earning fat bucks for no work.

  8. Eric Simpson says:

    “Imaginary alarm.” I think this on topic, the discussion today at: , my 2 comments, first:

    There’s a lot of talk about what would do if satellites were not able to measure sea level anymore. The old standby “go to the beach!” should of been how we have been doing from the start. We don’t need multiple satellites and an dual observation stations on the moon to gauge sea levels. Just walk to the shore and see for yourself. The sea has not risen!
    There’s countless stories, and then and now photographs, going back more than a century, documenting a lack of supposed “data” supported sea level rise. Our own eyes, from sea to shining sea, are telling the same story all over the world, going back decades and further, the ocean has NOT risen. Discount far-fetched explanations like “the land has risen.”
    There’s not going to be 100 feet of sea level rise over the next century. There’s not going to be any rise! My Real Science comment: The Chicken Littles’ predictions of disaster were baloney then, and baloney now. A scratching broken record. Never ending. The people have had enough of the unceasing fabrication, the endless laughable doom and gloom. It’s obvious bull.

    Comment 2:

    @Lars P. Excellent analysis!
    So even the minimal sea rise as purported in the “data” is modeled. It’s not an observable rise. See my last comment, I have a point, then. There has been no actual rise at all in sea level, for decades. They have fabricated a rise based on modeled fanciful tectonic plate movements, or the like.
    Yes, go to the beach, the beach shows that the sea has not risen. That is reality. The models show the sea has risen. That is not reality.
    I remember imaginary numbers in math. Well, we have imaginary modeled sea level rises. Inane. So we may very well see 10 ft in sea level rise over the next 50 years. But that will be a modeled rise. Go to the beach in the future and it will be the same as it’s ever been. So we need to implement draconian 80%+ CO2 cuts to combat future modeled (imaginary) sea level rise?

  9. Viktor says:

    Any combinations (2×2) among science, faith, politics and private interests, results in catastrophe. These things must remain apart. Unfortunately, some people mixed all this stuff… And this is the true social, scientific, religious and economic catastrofe.

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