Twenty Percent Increase In Antarctic Ice Since 1979

Leading climate experts tell us that the ocean is heating around Antarctica and making the ice melt. By coincidence, April 20 was also National Marijuana Day.

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7 Responses to Twenty Percent Increase In Antarctic Ice Since 1979

  1. kbray in california says:

    climate science:
    hot water —> increasing evaporation —> increasing cooling —> increasing ice
    see ? In climate science the warming causes the cooling…

  2. Robert Austin says:

    I guess this special AGW induced heating only effects ice shelves, not sea ice.

    • That is because ice shelves are much thicker and less vulnerable to changes in water temperature

      • Robert Austin says:

        I was just being facetious. When some ice shelf (Larsen etc) develops a crack or calves off a substantial hunk, there is much wailing and weeping amongst the climate doomsayers. And yet the Antarctic Sea ice is obviously healthy and unaffected by the same alleged man made climate induced oceanic heating that is allegedly ravaging the mighty Antarctic ice shelves.

  3. tckev says:

    Maybe Mount Sidley, the highest volcano in Antarctica, and the surrounding geology, needs more research to just to show that there may be other heating mechanisms at work.

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