July Getting Cooler In State College Pennsylvania

U.S. Historical Climatology Network

It is always good to look at the raw data before our friends have had a chance to tamper with it.

State College Pennsylvania has had seven July days over 100 degrees. Four were in the 1930s, and six were below 350 ppm CO2. As you can see in the graph above, the 1930s was by far the hottest decade, and the 1970 passage of the Clean Air Act had no effect.

Would we expect Harvard researchers to actually do some research before publishing?

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2 Responses to July Getting Cooler In State College Pennsylvania

  1. Andy DC says:

    Global warming is a myth.

  2. Bill Yarber says:

    This is truly amazing when you consider the growth of PSU and the town of State College since 1900. It now has several times more college professors, especially people like Dr Mann and Dr Alley, spewing all that hot air about consequential matters. All that bloviating should have raised the temperature by 2-3C, easily. Wait, this is July when they are all on vacation. Do you have the data for January?


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