No Sea Level Rise In Vancouver : Experts Worried

In case you were wondering how utterly clueless climate science has become…….

Data and Station Information for VANCOUVER

The tide gauge at Vancouver, Canada shows no change in sea level over the last 100 years. Experts there are terrified.

Sea level rise underestimated, say B.C. scientists
CBC News Posted: Feb 20, 2012 8:51 AM PT Last Updated: Feb 20, 2012 7:13 PM PT

Some scientists at an international symposium in Vancouver warn most estimates for a rise in the sea level are too conservative and several B.C. communities will be vulnerable to flooding unless drastic action is taken.

The gathering of the American Association for the Advancement of Science heard Sunday the sea level could rise by as little as 30 centimetres or as much as one metre in the next century.

But SFU geology professor John Clague, who studies the effect of the rising sea on the B.C. coast, says a rise of about one metre is more likely.

Sea level rise underestimated, say B.C. scientists – British Columbia – CBC News

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21 Responses to No Sea Level Rise In Vancouver : Experts Worried

  1. Sundance says:

    “Some scientists…”?

    Oh no!

    “One of the most famous atmospheric scientists, James Hansen, is arguing we could be facing five-metre higher sea levels by the end of the century, and he’s not a flake, he’s a very renowned scientist,” said Clague.

    There you have it! When the person defending Hansen’s reputation describes him as not being a “flake”, it means that he knows (subconsciously at the least) that alot of people see Hansen as a “flake”. It’s nice to have the ability to read between the lines, n’est-ce pas?. 🙂

    • gregole says:

      I for one, do not see Hansen as a flake. He appears to me to be suffering from some form of psychosis.

      Oceans are going to boil away…really. He is out of his mind; or acting that way for some reason or another.

      • Eric Simpson says:

        “…or acting that way for some reason or another.”

        Yeah, you’d think the guy maybe is nuts. But, as you see with him getting arrested protesting the XL Pipeline with the other extreme leftists, he’s got an ideological goal, and that’s de-industrialization, or “de-development” as O’s Science Czar Holdren puts it. These guys are going to scare-monger and scare-monger until hell freezes over (and that might not even stop them). There’s no rational basis for most of what they say. He’s simply full out bullshitting, and he knows it. He also is getting rich $$$ of his bull-hockey. Not an insignificant point. Those of his ilk should be in jail for the damage they are doing to society, and for personal profiteering.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Sea levels are lower now than they were in 1913. That is very scary! When are they going to defund these clowns.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      “Sea levels are lower now than they were in 1913.” No! The land has risen! Or, if you are looking at then and now pictures of a rocky beach, the rocks have moved! Including boulders the size of houses. All of them, the rocks got up and moved in unison so the beach would look exactly the same even though the sea has risen by x amount of feet.

      “When are they going to defund these clowns.” In the USA when the Repubs take greater control I hope we will defund the frauds down to the roots, like spraying Round-up. But we also have to change public opinion in a dramatic way to make defunding easier. See my comments about this in this thread, about how to win over public opinion (in which the ScottishSceptic disagree with me and says “it’s not that easy,” ??):

  3. Robert Austin says:

    Sea level rise must be hiding “in the pipeline” along with the missing heat.

  4. Robertvdl says:

    Sea Level Basics February 22, 2010

    Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner

  5. Mike Bromley the Canucklehead says:

    Clague, Pleistocene geologist, has a lot more to worry about with sea levels rising due to post-seismic land subsidence, when the Cascadia subduction zone decides to unleash its built-up strain from the last 312 years. Frankly, living in Richmond or Delta or Whiterock will become untenable, Hansen be damned.

  6. Robertvdl says:

    What Drought? Warnings Of Gales And Floods

    Drought-affected areas already lashed by torrential rainfall in recent weeks are being told to brace for gales and more downpours that could trigger flash flooding.
    In its latest weekly drought briefing, the Environment Agency said all regions had now received above average rainfall for April, boosting river levels and providing relief for farmers, gardeners and wildlife in drought areas.

    But groundwater levels remained low and the rain was not yet making a difference to the drought conditions, the agency warned.
    And the risk of flash floods is increased as heavy rain quickly runs off ground left hard and compacted by previous arid spells.

    Nine flood warnings are in place for the North East, with properties at risk from rising water levels in a number of rivers including the Ouse in York.
    Householders are being urged to take action to protect their homes.
    Another band of rain looks set to hit the country on Tuesday.

  7. Andy DC says:


    I read your exchange with ScottishSceptic . I admire your passion with respect to this issue. Hopefully, your efforts will make a real difference.


    • Eric Simpson says:

      Hugely appreciated! Dreams… dreams. Of course, I’ll need the time and wherewithal. Who knows. Now just trying to add my two cents here or at wuwt or the like.

  8. DGK says:

    James Hanson is a money grubbing liar just like Alibi Gore. They are both getting rich beyond their wildest dreams promoting their MMGW drivel. A little research on Hanson will show he was very involved with the group that was pushing for action in the 1970s because we were headed for another ice age. people like them don’t need to be defunded. They need to be arrested for fraud.

  9. Shooter says:

    “Some scientists” is a weasel word. Without naming scientists that are skeptical or have an opposing view, the article is already junk. “Some scientists” is more than likely just one scientist, with one opinion, that does not reflect the empirical evidence. Canada does not support AGW. We barely talk about it here. Barely.

  10. Les Weddle says:

    Don’t forget that Vancouver is now run by an offshoot of the Green Party and Gregor “Mayor Moonbean” Robertson is a hardcore Warmista who has a lip-lock on Tides Canada and the Fruits & Nutters up at Hollyhock.

    The city now has hired a full time Climate Change staff and is preparing a whole whack of useless new laws and regulations to prepare for the expected 1 meter sea level rise by 2050.

    Nobody can waste money like an Eco Greenie nutter.

  11. Julien says:

    Scary to see how many of you are out to lunch about these issues. You’ve got mass consensus within the global scientific community regarding climate change and you still don’t want to face facts because a handful of radicals are paraded around in the media? Hell, even oil industry puppet researchers now admitting to the reality, which by the way consists of >150years of temperature data, and >800,000 years worth of CO2 ice core data (which has been reviewed again and again in academic journals). And in case you’re still stuck on not seeing a ‘relative sea level change’ in Van its b/c the coast is still experiencing isostatic uplift from the last deglaciation (mentioned above) – look it up. Just so we’re clear, ‘eustatic sea level change’ (that means not relative to continents) has risen btw 1-2mm/year btw 1910 and 1990 (actual field measurements), and the IPCC expects trends to accelerate based on positive feedback loops with respect to climate change. Not sure who’s money you think the global scientific community is trying to spend, but leftist economic academics are clamoring for reform to tax the hyper-rich so society can afford safeguards to protect ourselves and adapt (since we have all the resources and then some).

    PS. There’s no money in being an academic (shit pay relative to education, mostly contract positions etc.), let alone an activist (typically involves constantly fundraising for a cause). These people are on the front lines trying to change things b/c they’re collectively more informed, and better predisposed to make predictions than the rest of us put together. So for the record, Al Gore’s wife is the heir to Heinz (ketchup) that’s why he was able to run for office and make a movie – if anyone profited from that one it was the film industry.

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