Obama Had No Clue What Was Happening In Pakistan – Takes Credit Anyway

Obama pretending he was watching the raid which Panetta ordered.

11:02AM BST 04 May 2011

Yet another backtrack and change of tune from the White House has emerged over the fact that Obama did NOT watch the raid live and did not see the moment Osama bin Laden was shot dead. In fact the video feed stopped before US special forces stormed bin Laden’s hideaway.

The White House originally said that President Obama and Hillary Clinton watched the raid as it happened and in effect encouraged the world’s media to report that they had watched “the drama unfold”.


03 May 2011

Claims that the al-Qaeda leader had died while firing an automatic weapon at commandos were withdrawn, with President Barack Obama’s spokesman admitting “he was unarmed”. A dramatic description of bin Laden using his wife as a “human shield” and forcing her to sacrifice her life also proved to be false. The woman was still alive and was taken into custody with several of the terrorist’s children.

In an embarrassing climb-down, Barack Obama’s press secretary, Jay Carney, admitted that the previous version of events — which came mostly from the chief US counter-terrorism adviser, John Brennan — had been put out “with great haste”.

Osama Bin Laden dead: White House backtracks on how bin Laden died – Telegraph

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5 Responses to Obama Had No Clue What Was Happening In Pakistan – Takes Credit Anyway

  1. Latitude says:

    Does anyone remember Hillary saying she was under fire when she landed in Bosnia…
    …and that Chelsea was at the World Trade Center when it was attacked

  2. John B., M.D. says:

    Sure, Obama’s decision to raid the compound was gutsy.
    Then Biden opened his mouth and told us that all Obama’s advisers recommended against the raid except Panetta, at which time I thought how rash and stupid and risky the decision was. Had bin Laden not been there, and the SEALs shot innocent people in their home (even if armed, they would have a right to protect their “castle”), or any American was killed or captured, the consequences for the U.S. would have been devastating.

    • Sundance says:

      No problem if it all had gone bad as Obama would have disavowed his involvement and blamed Bush Panetta. 😉

    • Old Jedi mind trick. If “the mission failed”, all you ever would have heard about it was that “a mission in Pakistan produced collateral damage.” Obama would have announced that the military needs to tighten up rules of engagement. Obama never takes any responsibility for anything, and this would have been no different.

  3. Luckyme says:

    Its very simple what happens in the Pakistan or any Muslim country its quiet easy to understand. Generally speaking its easy to lure a sheep with a wolf (the western world) around. All they do is hire some hypocrites from Muslim countries for money who would create havoc for all, its easy to buy Muslims with money. Then they would label themselves as peaceful buying people with all the luxurious life and hiding the crimes behind their back. I mean honestly who in their right mind would go out and kill their own people or burn buses in a protest? Its nothing more than a game of Israel America Canada india Britain whatever they are they are insignificant and have done much more degrading crimes collectively than it be hitler because they hide facts the real facts from public- hypocrisy at its best. Whoever owns the media owns the brainwashed people’s mind.

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