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Global Warming Continues On The East Coast

Jeff Masters recently explained that global warming leads to 80 degree weather in March, which he considers extreme. Severe freeze threatens Vermont crop damage Posted on April 27, 2012 by Matt Sutkoski A very hard freeze is due tonight and … Continue reading

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Closeup Of The Arctic Cracking Up Death Spiral Tipping Point

ims_data.jpg (2200×1700)

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Nature : Shipwrecking Hansen For 25 Years

“Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” – Albert Einstein I just noticed this from 1988. In June, Hansen said that 1988 would “break all records” … Continue reading

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Great Week For European Football

Messi and Ronaldo both missed game winning penalty kicks, while Torres redeemed himself. So why is Abramovich still looking for a new manager? Di Matteo has proved himself as  pure genius.

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World Peace – Suspended

Lakers’ World Peace suspended seven games without pay NEW YORK — Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace was suspended seven games by the NBA on Tuesday for elbowing James Harden, meaning he could miss at least six playoff games. … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Extent About The Same As 1974

The map above overlays semitransparent current NSIDC ice (green) on end of April 1974 Nimbus satellite ice (red and yellow.) There is more ice on the Pacific side this year, and there was more ice on the Atlantic side in 1974.

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Alarmists Now Trying To Disown Their High Priest

After clinging to his every word for years, they are now pretending that they never believed him. Lovelock on Global Warming James Lovelock is a ‘big idea’ type, most successful with his Gaia extrapolation (1976), although it certainly is not … Continue reading

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