Occupy Barrow

May Day on the north slope of Alaska. Where are the occupy protesters who want to stop global warming?

Barrow Sea Ice Webcam


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5 Responses to Occupy Barrow

  1. geologyjim says:

    Trenberth’s “missing heat” is … … … still missing!

  2. Eric Barnes says:

    They’re on their way with OKneel. Taking that pleasant NW Passage trip in canoes with magnetic compasses and XM radio.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Today at 3 PM Alaska time it is 12 F and snowing in Barrow. Thus the amount of ice/snow is still increasing on May 1.

  4. dal101 says:


    I don’t know who pinched your old site, but, mate, I love you sense of humour mixed with science that knocks the alarmist deniers on their backs.

    You can truly equate with Mark Twain and say – “The report of my death was an exaggeration,”

    Vive Steve

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