UK Officially In Droughtflood

Water companies reached for words like “irony” today to explain to 20 million customers why they should save water even as rivers overflowed, gardens were swamped and fields became lakes after a further inch of rain fell in some regions in the space of 12 hours, and 36 flood warnings remained in place.

With April declared officially the wettest since records began in 1912 and farmers complaining that they need flood-tolerant crops this month after drought-tolerant ones last month, Thames tried to be understanding:

“We are well aware of the irony that heavy rain set in after the hosepipe ban was announced. In fact, it hasn’t really stopped raining since we and six other companies imposed hosepipe bans on 5 April ,” said Richard Aylard, director of sustainability.

Water companies turn hose on drought naysayers 

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5 Responses to UK Officially In Droughtflood

  1. Andyj says:

    I knew EXACTLY what country you are referring to. Had to dig drainage channels in my garden to stop my veggies getting drowned!
    I fear with the lack of global warming, its going to get worse!

  2. Me says:

    I don’t think they need to worry about people wanting to use their hosepipes anytime soon. 😆

  3. AndyW says:

    It is ironic, wettest April on record just after the announcement and the weather looks unsettled for the next few days. True groundwater levels are still low because it takes time for water to sink in, the ground being dry means more runs off and of course spring trees use more water as they come into leaf, however river flows and reservoirs will be normal now.


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