Global Warming Report Card – May 2012

Over the last few weeks we have learned some frightening facts

  • Polar Bear populations are higher than previously thought, and likely the highest on record
  • Penguin populations are double what was previously thought
  • Global sea ice area is fifth highest on record for the month
  • Alaska has the most sea ice ever recorded
  • No sea level rise at Tuvalu
  • The Obama White House plans to crucify CO2 emitters
  • No warming for at least 15 years
  • Envisat sea level rise rates tripled overnight, and the next week the satellite died
  • Obama shot Osama  for the second year in a row
  • Obama says Romney would have let Osama go
  • Hansen promises multi-metre sea level rise again
  • NASA forecasts yet another large El Nino

This is an election year, and we have the opportunity to replace the insane group of America haters which have taken full control of the US. I suggest we all use our voting rights wisely.



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12 Responses to Global Warming Report Card – May 2012

  1. Smokey says:

    Bob Johnston,

    If Ron Paul is the nominee I will vote for him. I even hope that he is. But if he goes 3rd party beause he is a sore loser due to someone else winning the nomination fair and square, and thus gives the election to 0bama, I will hate Ron Paul forever.

    Without the Republican nomination, RP can NOT possibly win a national election. No way, not under any circumstances. So we will see if Paul is a stand-up guy, or a spoiler. Because 4 more years of this disastrous obama Presidency will push the country over the cliff. Does Ron Paul really want that? Or is it all about his ego?

    Fortunately, the blog you linked to is run by a Paul lunatic. He is totally wrong about the delegate count. See Real Clear Politics for the actual count. As of today, the delegate count is:

    Romney 865
    Santorum 270
    Gingrich 144
    Paul 93

    There are 54 unpledged delegates left. Even if ALL the Santorum and Gingrich delegates went to Ron Paul, plus ALL the unpledged delegates, Ron Paul would be FAR behind. He has no chance at all.

    But I have no doubt at all that the 0bama people are offering him plenty to run on his own. So we will see if Ron Paul is an honest guy who plays by the rules… or an 0bama sellout. Jesus, or Judas? We’ll see.

    • Latitude says:

      damn… have this uncanny ability to say exactly what I need to hear

      Hey Smokey!!

      • Eric Simpson says:

        I got to give you some Latitude on your links. Yesterday I was making a joke of course, those long links are fine. And I saw your wuwt comment just now with the link to the Occupier anarchist $$$ wardrobe, great, lol:

      • Latitude says:

        I know, and I’m lazy…..tiny links don’t matter on word…’s makes it all a clickable link anyway…..
        That link is from Kate’s blog…..a great blog

    • Bob Johnston says:

      To be fair the video was actually Rachel Maddow, who is hardly a RP supporter. And you know, it’s not over til it’s over.

      And frankly if it comes down to Obama or Romney I think I’d rather see Obama win, at least we know he’d only be around for 4 more years. Eight years of Romney (aka “The White Obama”) sounds like a death sentence.

      • Smokey says:

        Bob Johnston,

        Do you know how lunatic that sounds? Obama has been a total disaster!

        Romney was not my choice [and IANAR], but he is clearly a moral, religious, upstanding, honest adult, running against someone who failed upward, and who treats the country like his own privat fief. This country does not want an unaccountable King.

        Obama made solemn promises to spend the hundreds of billions of dollars rammed through Congress without one R vote… and then he handed our money out to his cronies. Now the government owns the biggest part of GM, and they can’t even sell electric cars. Bondholders got stiffed, with no recourse.

        Obama closed hunderds of GM dealerships by decree. They were almost exclusively owned by R owners. Is that A-OK with you?

        Obama has had zero administrative experience and it shows; he blames everyone else constantly for his own inept bumbling, he has no record to run on, and the majority of his cabinet appointees have cheated on their taxes, like the head of the IRS, Timmy Geithner. And Obama’s AG is a criminal accessory to murder for illegally approving sending thousands of guns to Mexico. Border agents have been killed with those guns. Is that A-OK?

        Really, those are only a tiny number of reasons that we need an honest adult running things. The country is on the wrong track. Obama’s claim to fame is as a ‘community organizer’. He pretends that he gave the order to kill Osama [when in fact he did not].

        After $Trillions of unnecessary new debt, the economy is on the ropes. Real [U-6] unemployment is well over 15%. The enviro crowd pulls Obama’s strings along with another convicted felon, George Soros, so we have skyrocketing food and fuel prices. That will only get worse. Obama’s administration is now talking about $9 – $10 gasoline. Anyone who supports Obama now has got to be a masochistic lunatic.

        The Obama disaster can be easily reversed by getting rid of that incompetent clown. Gasoline was $1.87 when Obama took office. It can be brought back down to that level again by encouraging domestic production. I want cheap gas and cheap food. I think most folks feel the same way.

      • Latitude says:

        good grief Bob….I can’t take four more years of the most open and honest

      • Bob Johnston says:

        Hold on a second there guys, I agree that Obama is godawful (although he’s in my top 50 presidents). I’ve hated everything about him; there’s not a single thing he’s done that I’ve agreed with. I am definitely not an Obama supporter.

        However, I think Romney will be just as bad or worse (his Iran rhetoric is freakin’ scary). I have no hope that Romney will institute any change to Obama’s policies (which were simply a continuation of Bush’s failed policies before him), I fear electing Romney will be just more of the same.

        I want real change. I’m tired of us being in wars we have no business fighting. I’m tired of the climate change charade. I’m tired of the Federal Reserve stealing our money via hidden inflation and passing it on to the bankers. I’m just tired… and I want someone who gives us a chance to make meaningful change in the system.

  2. Robertvdl says:

    Richard Mourdock

    Challenging incumbent Richard Lugar in the Republican primary for the 2012 Indiana U.S Senate election
    Mourdock does not support the Obama Adminstration’s “Cap and Trade” legislation nor does he support the “Cap and Trade Light” energy policies of Senator Lugar. Both are based on a faulty assumption, that humans are causing global climate change. As a geologist who has spent 30 years in the energy industry, Richard understands that US energy policy must be based on sound science. Richard will not support such policies that will only cost Hoosier jobs and raise energy costs.


  3. Andy DC says:

    Another BORING election between two establishment puppets. Both have taken every side of every issue, sometimes on the same day. But after Keystone, Obama has to go.

  4. I don’t usually comment on politics but I will make the observation that it seems to be better to give the public a real choice rather than offer up a ‘liberal conservative’ or a ‘conservative liberal’. They tried that in the UK and that’s why the Labour party now has a double digit lead over the ‘conservatives’. This nearly happened in Australia but it didn’t — the party had an internal revolt and selected a more conservative leader. The conservatives in Australia are out of power but also happen to have a record breaking lead over Labour. Labour is expected to be wiped out, due to their carbon tax combined with their general incompetence.

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