Jurassic Fart

Cera, please ask your mother to cut back on the pinto beans.

Scientists have a new scheme for controlling the Earth’s climate. Dinosaur flatulence trapped in amber for 200 million years is now believed to be the missing thermostat, and the key to regulating the greenhouse effect.

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7 Responses to Jurassic Fart

  1. Latitude says:

    why does no one talk about nitrogen as nitric oxide?

    The air is about 80% nitrogen, and nitric oxide is about 300 times more powerful green house gas??

  2. Andy DC says:

    So is that where all the missing heat has gone?

  3. cb says:

    On a more serious note, scientists have determined that an excess of free-moving CO2 molecules serve to attract meteors via quantum entanglement. Noted humanitarian and taker-carer-of-foreign-poor-children, Professor Ehrlich, was delighted with the discovery (now elevated to Grand Truth via the Peer-Review Mechanism of Consensus Science) saying that: “I always knew that I had a God-like connection with the sub-space of the Universe, I just knew it! I’ve been ritually eating babies for decades in order to possess this power, and I am now letting the Consensus Science Movement know my secret, so that they too can break free from the chains of Capitalist Reason. Long live Lucifer, the God of Science, De-life-ing, De-Truth-ing, and Love!”

    Scientists from Russia to China to N.Korea to Cuba to Venezuela to the USA, the EU and the UK, were dancing naked in the streets, having ritually intoxicated themselves with fermented extract of un-born-baby-spinal-juice, and washed themselves with the blood of the evil skeptics. Having been deemed to fall under regulatory control of the EPA, skeptics have now officially been declared a delicacy, and an invasive species. People have been advised not to listen to the sounds they make, for example: “But can’t we talk about this? I know talking will resolve everything”, which while sounding like words, are so stupid as to certainly not be words, and that anyone found recording their sounds will be summarily turned into a nutritious desert.

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