More real science dot com BS

Note the time stamp of the Peter Ellis comment which was captured yesterday afternoon, and the time stamp of the fake comment which has replaced it today.


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  1. Peter Ellis says:

    Eh, in all the time I’ve been coming here, this website has been one of the buggiest pieces of shite I’ve ever come across. It is hands down the worst message board I’ve ever used, with random timeouts, unavailable servers and lag. The domain name might be worth a few quid, perhaps, though I suspect it’s as simple to wait for the registration to expire and then re-register.

    What precisely are you offering for sale? What is the incentive for anyone to visit this site?

    Essentially you are in the position of one who, having promised the world a nice sandwich, provided one with mouldy bread. Subsequently, you’ve jettisoned the filling (the only worthwhile part of the site), taken a dump in the middle of it, and are now attempting to sell it. Dream on.


One Response to For Sale

  1. TomH says:

    Thanks for the good information. Good luck.

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7 Responses to More real science dot com BS

  1. kbray in california says:

    The guy has a moral value close to zero.

    “Any business or enterprise attempted with liars will fail.”

    This creep is the epitome.

  2. I’ve surprised that Exxon Mobile or Shell has not paid millions for the site already. And here I was, hanging on every word made by Peter Gleick… 😉

  3. suyts says:

    Here’s what I wrote him…..

    Dude, I don’t think you understand. Real Science is a brand name. And, it is Steve Goddard’s. Regardless of the legalities, Real Science will forever…. at least in our lifetimes, be associated with Steve Goddard. His style and perspective is unreplicable.

    True, you can’t write as well as Goddard, but, even if one could, it would not be “Real Science”. So, if one was to buy it, regardless of their competence, it would be akin to someone buying a Micro-soft domain. It would be regarded as a fake or scam site, rendering the name all but worthless in anyone else’ possession other than Steve Goddard.

    Good luck….. you should have worked it out with him. But, I’m glad he’s back at wordpress.

    James “Suyts” Sexton

    • The legal claims are no more legitimate than anything else that this person has posted.

      • suyts says:

        Steve, it doesn’t matter to me. I know it does to you, but my point is….. “Real Science” is simply Steve Goddard expressing his wonderful thoughts. Any SOB wants to buy that name would be nothing but a fraud and a fake, regardless of the content.

        It’s your brand. It it what you built. It is what you made. It is unique.

        I understand you wishing to concentrate on simply continuing your work. I wish you’d hammer the jackass with legalities, but, it doesn’t matter….. I type “real” in my browser and the link here shows up.

        “Real Science” is you.

        BTW, you get great kudos for the transition back. I’m not sure anyone else could have done so with such smooth ability.

      • Me says:

        Exactly what suyts said, with out you behind the the wheel, that site is GIGO.

      • miked1947 says:

        I will chime In to agree with James and “ME” ( that is weird). I think ME chose that name to confuse me! 😉
        Having fun at the expense of the Chicken Little Crowd is why I come to whatever site you happen to post on. You tell it like you see it and you bring a lot to the table.

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