What Biden Does And Doesn’t Know

Joe Biden knows for sure that not-yet-president Roosevelt appeared on the not-yet-existent television in 1929 – to talk to the American people about the stock market crash.

He is not sure though whether Romney would have chosen to let Osama get away, like Bill Clinton did.

Vice President Biden said Sunday he doesn’t actually know whether Mitt Romney would have pulled the trigger on the Usama bin Laden raid, as he sought to clarify recent Obama campaign rhetoric.

Biden: ‘Don’t know’ whether Romney would have approved bin Laden raid | Fox News

Hillary however is certain that she came under fire in Bosnia, and had to run for cover at the airport.

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2 Responses to What Biden Does And Doesn’t Know

  1. Paul in Sweden says:

    “What Biden Does And Doesn’t Know”

    If this post covered What Biden Doesn’t Know, I would have been expecting something the length of War and Peace….

  2. tckev says:

    http://www.opensecrets.org/index.php has a neat little graph showing where the money is going.

    Latest Presidential Independent Expenditures
    Restore Our Future____For:Romney, Mitt_________$2,031,560
    Life & Liberty PAC____AGAINST:Obama, Barack____$50,000
    Restore Our Future____FOR:Romney, Mitt_________$12,962
    DGA Action_________AGAINST:Romney, Mitt_____$5,000
    Restore America’s
    Voice PAC__________AGAINST:Obama, Barack____$50,356

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