Why Would Anyone Vote For This?

Our homes and businesses run off electricity. Unless you want to be unemployed, bankrupt and freezing in the dark, you would have to be insane to vote for this person.

And he said it in 2008, before the election.

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13 Responses to Why Would Anyone Vote For This?

  1. tckev says:

    Funny that by 2009 the rare earth metal mine at Mountain Pass Ca. was reopened by Molycorp Minerals. Interesting little reveal here about who invested in that –

    Look at the comments especially from “7. posted on Thursday October 15, 01:13:14 GMT+0100 2009 by Marine_Uncle (Honor must be earned….)” onwards…

  2. Robertvdl says:

    Because nobody listened. They all wanted a black president to make the American dream come true. To show the world that America is different. The elite knew exactly when to play this card. Hope and Change.

    Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1926. In September 1939 nobody could say “we did not know what would happen ones he is in power”
    Albert Einstein knew it.

  3. Andyj says:

    Hussein Osama Barry Sotero is a puppet, just like the last (Republican) and all those who came before. Now the same banker backers are buying Willard (flip flop) Romney. So far he has won every state with secret ballots and voting machines. The GOP is now getting worried about the sheer weight of the Ron Paul contingent. He’s consistently pulling crowds of thousands, whereas Romney who somehow amasses most votes, only see’s a couple of hundred to hear him speak.

    The troops, the youth, the Libertarians and the unbound intellectuals all support Ron Paul.
    I’m waiting of a Chinese order that has been delayed for rare Earth materials of suitable quality for a couple of months now. Seeing as the 51% shareholder of all Chinese businesses are the Gov’t. Makes one wonder…

    Mining rare Earths is a dirty polluting job but National security matters.

    • Andy DC says:

      I might vote for Donald Duck if he runs as a 3rd party candidate. But Romney is probably the lesser of the two establishment puppet evils that have been foisted upon us.

      The fact that Romney was trumpeted as the certain GOP nominee a year ago by the Washington Post is very telling.

      • Andyj says:

        Romney says anything depending on his audience. He is a blade of grass in the breeze. He has no scruples whatsoever. AND he has been installed by the very people we need to see hanging from lamp posts.

        The only advantage for voting away an incumbents chance of a second term in office is the second round they have nothing to gain by pleasing the people.

        There is no “Left or Right”. Only freedom and tyranny. Too much has been taken away already.

    • tckev says:

      I found it interesting that a clump of Democrit hugger jumped onto this investment before the Chinese made any calls on restricting rare earth exports. Not so much the what, more of the when and who.
      Prior to Molycorp Minerals getting the site it was owned (by EPAs favorite whipping boy) Chevron who could never get a license to mine there. The new owners never had any such difficulty – I wonder why?

      • Andyj says:

        Interesting… but not surprised! The need was on the wall for a good while; all those turbines and electric car motors and the metal commodities hike in 2008..

        That water they are about to pump out will not meet *any* standards of safety. Chevron are the bad boys here for letting it rain.

  4. nigelf says:

    Very few people heard him make that statement because the msm made it vanish before it hit the air. Had it got any amount of air time Obama would not have gotten elected.

    • I have long suspected that key members of McCain’s staff were working for Obama. How else could this have been suppressed?

      • Andyj says:

        They all have the same masters and its not “We, the people”.

      • nigelf says:

        I think it was more that McCain believed in the AGW bs and he might not have been aware that Obummer made that statement. I didn’t become aware of it myself until after the election.

  5. Andyj says:

    Lets be honest here. Canary McCain (He tweeted like a bird when he was a POW). Is fully incapable of telling the truth. Even now he says Iran has almost perfected a “A bomb” and are about to wipe Israel off the map. The Palestinians are also about to wipe out the Israeli’s unless we do something drastic and now! Then there is ‘ghan and Iraq… The man is not well. The GOP decided to massage the vote to pick this man which in turn pressurised the vote for anyone, even a Kenyon with a white communist mother who hated her own kind and and an uncertain fatherhood.


    This site includes great AGW links.

  6. James Buchanan says:

    because he is better then all but one of the repub’s. And I shouldn’t call Ron Paul a republican, because he at least listens and works for his people of texas. Just wish he wern’t texan. We could use his good sence in missouri .

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