Climate Target 1951 : CO2 A Very Safe 312 PPM

Experts say we need a massive global economic collapse and world poverty – to make the climate safe like it was in 1951.

ScreenHunter 443 Apr. 13 21.50

19 Jun 1951 – Drought to flood

The Advertiser Adelaide, SA Saturday 11 August 1951

11 Aug 1951 – Heat In America; Floods In Europe NEW YORK, Aug….

20 May 1951 – Tragedy Around The World Hundreds Kill Mighty Da…

ScreenHunter 456 Mar. 19 03.27

15 Aug 1951 – Heat Deaths in Texas

ScreenHunter 369 Apr. 10 21.43

05 Feb 1951 – COLD WAVE IN U.S.A. 200 Deaths From Weather Causes

ScreenHunter 06 Sep. 23 04.03

ScreenHunter 07 Sep. 23 04.031

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1 Response to Climate Target 1951 : CO2 A Very Safe 312 PPM

  1. Andy DC says:

    Even 312 ppm is not good enough. We have to get it back to 1935-36 levels, when the US had the worst hurricane, the coldest winter, the hottest summer, massive crop failures, record floods in the Northeast and tornadoes a day apart that killed around 450 people. That, plus the Great Depression economy are worthy goals for McKibben and Company to strive for.

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