Making Fun Of Creationists

Climate alarmists believe that earth’s climate history began in 1970, and also believe that species are unable to survive the natural selection process outlined by Darwin.

Creationists believe that earth history began 7,000 years ago – much earlier than the date normally used by Dessler and Hayhoe.

It would seem that climate alarmists are vastly more ignorant than creationists – in that they don’t even understand the core principles of what they claim to believe.

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2 Responses to Making Fun Of Creationists

  1. NoMoreGore says:

    Anti-creationists rant about the need to accept evolution, then in the very next breath say we must halt the extinction of species – I suppose because this is the one perfect time in eternal history when all the right plants and animals live. From this point on, nothing must change! Gaia is in perfect stasis!

    • miked1947 says:

      That has never happened and will not until life no longer exists on this planet. Change is the creator of biodiversity and promotes evolution.

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