“I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car”

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10 Responses to “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car”

  1. You want a surreal experience, come up with the name of a conservative idealogue whom even a liberal will acknowledge has more going upstairs than the average bear. There are some. Krauthammer, Will, Sowell, et al…

    Then, try to get the liberal to concede that pundit might benefit from a better fastening to reality than Peggy Joseph, who obviously agrees with the liberal about who should be elected President, and presumably might be still waiting for Obama to pay her mortgage.

    And here comes some weirdness: They won’t do it. Ms. Joseph highlights the problem, not with her, but with millions of others; they’ve been conditioned to think whoever agrees with them about the basics, has nothing to learn, and whoever disagrees with them, must be a low-browed caveman who is never right about anything.

    • Lou says:

      Sadly, these blacks don’t seem to realize that Democrat party are taking advantage of their ignorance and keeping them on welfare program in exchange for votes ala modern slaves. Talk about “useful idiots”. They went from productive Republicans (MLK days) to unproductive Democrats. I sometimes wonder if that’s why they killed MLK and Jessie Jackson sold his soul to Devil and told all the blacks to vote for Democrats just because Civil Right Act and Great Society program were passed during LBJ years. Talk about major revision history! Or Propaganda machine.

  2. Sundance says:

    I can’t comprehend the euphoria that took over this woman’s mind. Classical education and years of training in self awareness have taught me to be in control at all times as emotion is at the root of self-deception. One can’t evolve as a person if one is unable to be master of their emotions. True bliss is generated internally by the aware mind not by external circumstances. What this woman is experienceing is the same lower function brain experience that is achieved by someone getting high on a drug. It isn’t real and it doesn’t last. Dependence and addiction comes in many forms.

  3. Robertvdl says:

    So you don’t need brains to drive a car in the US.

  4. Andy DC says:

    She can’t be for real. Must be a Republican plant!

  5. Eric Simpson says:

    The often effeminate acting Obama just came out of the closet to be explicitly for gay marriage. I left this comment at hotair:

    Fine. This creates the unambiguous distinction we need to drive this wedge into independents and even some afro-Americans that oppose gay marriage.

    Banner ad: a GIF graphic (animation) shows the gay blade Obama dancing. Disturbing for many. Headline is something about the “New Morality” or something. The negative visual is what we are looking for. What the banner ad links to is not so important; perhaps link to a collection of linked articles, and of course to a solicitation for a donation (have a small print $ solicitation on the banner ad as well [say that a few $$ goes a long long way with banner ads].

    It would be -extremely- cheap to run these ads, but they will find a strong niche of effectiveness.

    Then run other banner ads. Such as a series of ads headlined Radicals at the Helm. All someone needs is about a grand to start, and with the proper approach, it could gain the donations to be self-sustaining, and indeed to expand to saturation levels. Someone go to it, I implore.

    There is no reason for some everyday Joe not to do this banner campaign now, or no reason for connected conservative pros not to do this. None. The nation’s future is at stake. I can’t do it though. So you do it.

  6. Andy DC says:

    The activists have done their cause a disservice by using the word “marriage”. That was an overreach on their part and offensive to many. They could have petitioned for the same rights without being so “in your face” concerning what many believe to be a sacred heterosexual institution.

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