Climate Engineering – 100 Years Ago

Scientists wanted to improve the climate – by making the Arctic ice-free. Apparently  climate scientists were much smarter 100 years ago.

13 Dec 1912 – Melting of the North Pole. SCHEME TO IMPROVE THE…

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2 Responses to Climate Engineering – 100 Years Ago

  1. miked1947 says:

    They definitely knew more about science then!

  2. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steve, for the information.

    Climate engineering is one of several strange problems plaguing society today.

    1. Ordinary citizens are increasingly aware that information and people have been controlled by world leaders for decades, . . . almost 67 years from my analysis of misinformation on climate and energy;

    2. Incumbent politicians are encountering deep-seated anger at the polls;

    3. Many young addicts go crazy on “synthetic bath salts,” available “under the counter,” and end up in jails or hospitals. “Synthetic bath salts” are not bath salts but extremely high-purity forms of “popular illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and Ecstasy” that are mysteriously sweeping the country.

    I only have background training to grasp #1.





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