Death Threats? Just More Lies From The Hockey Team

Why would the hockey team be any more honest about their death threat claims than they are about science? They called these messages “death threats.”

“Are you morally and ethically aware (awake) of your actions? ALSO please stop telling lies about sea level rises. It is so full of BS it is not funny it is insulting to anyone with enough intelligence to do simple research about sea level rises.”

“We have had enough! Sometime in the future your days of leeching off the tax payers of Australia will end and you will be looking for work in the employment office where you might find a real job and contribute to society in a positive way.”

“It takes a tax-payer funded Professor to equate AGW to gravity. It must have taken years of education to be able to issue pronouncements like this eh? If Australian taxpayers were hoping to get a bit more than just bluster and name-calling from certain public servants, they’re bound to be asking for their money back soon.”

ANU “death threat” emails released | Australian Climate Madness

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5 Responses to Death Threats? Just More Lies From The Hockey Team

  1. Rob says:

    From reading the FOI release the ANU seems to suggests that writing any email that has an opposing view to their professors is deemed a death threat. What pathetic losers now lecture climate science.

  2. miked1947 says:

    They actually released those as proof of something! Utter foolishness! No wonder they did not want them released. It would have been better off for the university to have just admitted the claims were fabricated. This is asking for negative publicity. Of course they deserve all the negative publicity they drew to their words and actions.

  3. Wayne Ward (truthsword) says:

    Wow even Nick Stokes is gonna have to finally give it a rest lol…

    • miked1947 says:

      Our NICKY does not know how to “Give it a rest”. That guy can manipulate anything to provide an entirely different reality. He can make, Thank You, look like it was an abusive form of address.

  4. TRE says:

    Perhaps a check of the Pennsylvania Police reports would show all of the “death” threats Mr. Mann claims to have received……

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