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Death Threats? Just More Lies From The Hockey Team

Why would the hockey team be any more honest about their death threat claims than they are about science? They called these messages “death threats.” “Are you morally and ethically aware (awake) of your actions? ALSO please stop telling lies … Continue reading

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Hansen Cheating In Iceland

Phil shows no trend in Reykjavik temperatures over the the last 90 years, yet Hansen has corrupted the GISS data set recently to show a strong warming trend. Why didn’t Jim shoot Phil an E-mail before he did this? docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/035/mwr-035-01-0007b.pdf

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Phil Agrees That Jim Is Cheating

CRUTEM4v shows that the grid cell which Nuuk, Greenland is located on, has no temperature trend over the last 100 years. GISS used to show the same thing, but Hansen recently corrupted the Nuuk temperature data to show a warming … Continue reading

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Climate Engineering – 100 Years Ago

Scientists wanted to improve the climate – by making the Arctic ice-free. Apparently  climate scientists were much smarter 100 years ago. 13 Dec 1912 – Melting of the North Pole. SCHEME TO IMPROVE THE…

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Forecast Verification

During the last couple of weeks I made four forecasts. Forecast Result UAH April 0.29 0.295 Chelsea-Liverpool 2-1 2-1 Man City-Newcastle 4-1 2-0 Chelsea-Munich Chelsea humiliation (May 19)

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If You Bet On Every Horse In The Race …

August 22, 2011 Georgia and the Carolinas are increasingly looking like they could take a direct hit from Hurricane Irene, possibly as a Category 3 storm containing winds of 115 miles per hour or higher. Before that happens, however, South … Continue reading

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John Cook Has Low Veracity Sensitivity

“The exception tests the rule.” Or, put another way, “The exception proves that the rule is wrong.” That is the principle of science. If there is an exception to any rule, and if it can be proved by observation, that … Continue reading

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Another Canary Flies Away

For years we have been told by NASA that the Antarctic Peninsula is the fastest warming place on Earth. But sadly for Al and Jim, over the past decade CRUTEMPv4 shows a decline in temperatures there. I’m very surprised that … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Area Increase In Mid-May

According to a top expert from NASA. the Arctic may be ice free in twelve weeks. But for now, Arctic ice area is above normal and increasing over the last couple of days. ssmi1_ice_area.png (1667×1250)

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