The McKibben/Monbiot/Romm Climate Game

Assume that bad weather never happened in the past, and then blame all bad weather on climate change. It works with teenagers who have no historical memory, have been brainwashed by Al Gore, and never paid attention until a few weeks ago.

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4 Responses to The McKibben/Monbiot/Romm Climate Game

  1. John Shade says:

    Thanks for the aperçu! It will be the header quote on my blog for the next couple or weeks or so.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Perhaps a course in weather/climate history should be part of every child’s education, so they won’t fall pray to the pathological liars in agenda driven “science” and the media. They should at the very least learn that earth has gone thru many warm and cold periods in the past and that weather was no better in the old days.

    • miked1947 says:

      The way the school systems are these days, the party line will be taught because the truth does not promote the agenda.

  3. Children and teenagers don’t want to listen if they are invested in the latest fad. As I pointed out before, I had a teenie tell me that the global cooling scare was a ‘myth’. I told him I was there (because I was old enough) and it was no myth. (Although it was not treated with the same hysteria that recent scares have been. But there was no internet back then either…) He told me that he would not believe some old guy who might have a flaky memory, especially if it contradicted stuff he read on the internet written by people of his age who feel the same way about things as him.

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