Will Obama Get Swiftboated?

Swiftboating is a term invented by Democratic strategists. It means that you were caught lying about your military experience – and are hoping to blame your lies on the people who called you out.

Obama has been lying about his role in the Osama raid since day one, and this is apparently pissing off a lot of military people. He is the first president with no military experience who has tried to anoint himself as a military hero.

It seems unlikely that they are going to let him get away with it. His October surprise may be the opposite of what he was hoping for.


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8 Responses to Will Obama Get Swiftboated?

  1. Shooter says:

    Tsk tsk. Now Washington, he was a kickass guy. Refused to let his men to go into battle unless he went out first. Obama? Well he would just throw money in the enemies’ faces and call them racist for black prejudice.

  2. Dave says:

    Obama may, I say may, own the decision but our dedicated military own the planning and the deed. HIstory will ultimately remember these facts.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Even if you disagree with everything he says and does, Obama is no Carter when it comes to the size of his balls. If he goes down, it will not be meekly. He may actually be a slicker version of Slick Willie.

    • I disagree. Carter sent American helicopters on a doomed mission to Iran, and it only took him a few hours to make that decision. Obama had a much easier mission and hesitated for six months.

      • Traitor in Chief says:

        There was a military official on Fox who said the delay was even longer than that. The better part of a year. There were also a lot of insider reports that claimed Obama never did make the decision. He refused to make it, and so Panetta made it. Those accounts claim Obama was called in from his golf game to watch the aftermath, and the “situation room” photo suggests this. He appears in a spare chair, not a leading position, and frankly, his image appears to have been photoshopped into the photo. His physical size relative to others in the room is inordinately small.

  4. Paul in Sweden says:

    Kerry was in the military, wrote his own applications for three purple hearts and never had a single day of hospital time due to his ‘combat injuries’. Obama, never having been in the military, and his Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta afraid of his own American troops I really see no parallel.

    Soldiers asked to disarm during Leon Panetta speech in Afghanistan – Telegraph
    US soldiers were asked to disarm during a speech by Leon Panetta, the American
    defence secretary, in a sign of grown concern over spates of seemingly
    random violence in Afghanistan.

  5. Eric Simpson says:

    “who has tried to anoint himself as a military hero”
    You can’t call yourself a hero. Like the guy who rescues a baby from a burning building when asked “How does it feel to be a hero?” will always say something like “I’m not a hero. I just acted instinctively.” Spiking the ball on this is not heroic.

  6. philjourdan says:

    I guess you missed it. Obama explained the whole thing yesterday. The Army,Navy, Air Force and marines fight for HIM.

    So of course he got Osama. Seal Team 6 said “damn the constitution, damn the country! We are going to get that b*stard for Barry!”. And they did.

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