Greens Long For The Days When Nature Was In Control

Hoping to restore the balance of nature, before evil white men ruined the planet.

14 Feb 1911 – FAMINE IN CHINA.

27 Jul 1893 – Famine in China.

08 May 1953 – China famine

20 Jan 1912 – Famine in China.

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2 Responses to Greens Long For The Days When Nature Was In Control

    • Eric Simpson says:

      From your link:

      [The cap & trade simulation was] producing 9,724 GWh compared to a demand of 15,374 GWh.

      That’s a shortfall of 36.8%, the kind of gap would make energy prices skyrocket, as Obama promised in January 2008. It would mean that businesses couldn’t afford to expand, which would cut capital equipment sales, and also kill the engine of job creation — small businesses, which need lower entry costs to even begin operations. Food prices, which are dependent on energy costs, would rapidly rise, burning through whatever disposable income was left after paying the electrical and gas bills. In short, we’d be capping our future and trading it for brownouts, energy rationing, and poverty.

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