New Forecast

I’m watching Dortmund-Munich right now, and Munich looks even worse than Chelsea did against Newcastle.

                        Forecast                Result
UAH April               0.29                    0.295
Chelsea-Liverpool       2-1                     2-1
Man City-Newcastle      4-1                     2-0 
Munich-Chelsea          2-2 (penalties decide)  (May 19)

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3 Responses to New Forecast

  1. Anything is possible says:

    Updating your “model” in the light of new observational data, huh? Not the way a climate “scientist” would do it……

  2. Independent says:

    Bayern were terrible but it was against a team that seems to have their number. I still think they will embarrass Chelsea. Hope that doesn’t make me a denier!

  3. Galvanize says:

    I think Chelsea and Bayern have their eyes on one game. I don`t think either league defeat is significant. Come on Chelski!

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