The Tangled Web Of Deceit In Hansen’s World

I noticed something in GISS attempt to cover up their Iceland fraud from a couple of months ago. The graph below blinks between the original non-homogenized data, and current non-homogenized data. Note that they have now wiped out the well documented warming prior to 1940.

This is supposed to be the original temperature record. How can the data change ex post facto?

This isn’t quite as bad as their original fraud, which showed a non-existent warming trend over the last 90 years.

Phil Jones shows no warming over the last 90 years.

Richard Muller says that GISS is golden.

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7 Responses to The Tangled Web Of Deceit In Hansen’s World

  1. Bill Yarber says:

    Change historic data is unscientific and criminal. Why hasn’t NASA fired this cheat?


  2. Bob Koss says:

    GIss is now using the GHCN v3 for their non-homogenized data which is very different from the GHCN v2 data they were using previously. GHCN v3 is now adjusted prior to Giss getting the data. Then Giss adds in their special sauce to homogenize.

    Here is a link to the old Giss station data from v2 if you want to compare. Temperature is about 0.8C higher for Reykjavik around 1940.

    To me it’s stupid to adjust data someone else has already adjusted. But then, maybe they are actually being smart by having GHCN also make adjustments. Split up the responsibility while they pollute the records.

  3. Perfectly simple – it’s adjusting for time-of-day of the observations. GHCN have established that it’s “very likely” that Iceland had no clocks prior to 1960, and used sun-dials, which are difficult to read in the dark……

  4. Bill Yarber says:


    Please explain how an adjustment for time of day could possibly make the temperature readings lower. Or we’re you just being sarcastic?


    • If you have a min/max thermometer and record/reset the temperature every day at 3pm. Day one the temperature is 20 degrees at 3pm. A cold front comes in at 4pm and temperature drops 15 degrees. The max for day two also gets erroneously recorded as 20 degrees.

    • Sarcasm was uppermost in my mind, hence the reference to reading sundials in the dark. However, there was a serious element, as Steven has explained. However, I’m still very suspicious of GHCN “adjustments”. They can’t possibly know what the actual temperature would have been at a different time, but are applying a “profile”, If this were done for sea level, the result could be eliminating a tsunami wave from the record.

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