Dr. Hansimian’s Little Known 1981 Football Forecast

In 1981, Dr. Hansimian made this remarkably precise forecast, explaining how the Red Devils would nearly win the 2012 championship – due to climate change.

May 13, 1981

Global warming is ubiquitous. Every gust of wind in the future will be the fault of CO2.

The May 2012 match between City and QPR will be very windy,  causing lots of bad crosses by City and some horrifically bad defensive errors – like heading the ball the wrong direction.

Climate change is also known to cause mental illness, which will affect both Mario Balotelli and Joey Barton. This will cause Mancini to keep Balotelli out of the game too long, even though he will need a big man up front – with Ferdinand eating them alive inside the 18.

Ultimately, the Red Devils will lose because climate change in Stoke (and a late penalty) will make QPR realize that the City game is meaningless, and will quit playing for the last five minutes – allowing City to score twice.

Climate change will be so bad, that during the last minute of the game QPR won’t even move any players forward for the tying goal – why would they want to give United another title?

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1 Response to Dr. Hansimian’s Little Known 1981 Football Forecast

  1. jimash1 says:

    Did he have any insight into the Mets/Marlins game ?
    That was a doozy.

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