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Community Organizer Criticizes Businessman

This headline made me laugh : Obama campaign ad blasts Romney’s business career Obama has no business experience, and since he and the Democrats took over Washington in 2006, unemployment and the national debt has doubled. Hope and change. Democrats win House, … Continue reading

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Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

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Hockey Team Huddle Needed!

David Appell reports : Taking water from the ground sends it on its way to the oceans, but putting up dams in rivers keeps it from reaching the sea. Humans are doing more of the former, and the dams are … Continue reading

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The Real Arctic Death Spiral

Over the past year we have witnessed a real death spiral in the Arctic – a loss of information. First we lost JAXA and Bremen. Now Cryosphere Today seems to be gone. This is particularly disturbing because JAXA and Cryosphere … Continue reading

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Global Warming As A Form Of Mental Illness

The hockey team has turned on Martin Hoerling, for telling the truth. No surprise, because their funding and prestige depends on maintaining the big lie. What is interesting is the reaction of the global warming groupies, like those who frequent … Continue reading

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