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NOAA Bozeman, Montana : average(11,-5) = 4

All Products by Site – NOAA’s National Weather Service Same mistake – normal rounded down, observed rounded up. I haven’t seen any even/odd pairs which contradict this rule.

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Climate Science – Make A Faulty Assumption And Then Toss Evidence Which Doesn’t Fit

Ancient Climate Change: When Palm Trees Gave Way To Spruce Trees ScienceDaily (June 17, 2009) — For climatologists, part of the challenge in predicting the future is figuring out exactly what happened during previous periods of global climate change. One … Continue reading

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NYT Brainpower In Retreat

Justin Gillis may have some competition at the Times for the most clueless global warming author. Hawaii’s Beaches Are in Retreat, and Its Way of Life May Follow   Beaches like Waikiki face accelerating erosion, a new report says. Little by little, … Continue reading

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President Continues His Fact Finding Trip In Greenland

The arrival of tropical species in Greenland is more than enough evidence to justify blocking Keystone. 19 Jan 1928 – GREENLAND PALMS Jazz for Eskimos

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UN Puts Rwandan Genocide Chief In Charge Of Syrian Peace

Kofi Annan did nothing to stop the Rwandan massacre in 1994, and now is in charge of peace in Syria. March, 2004 UN chief’s Rwanda genocide regret Annan headed UN peacekeepers at the time of 1994 genocide The United Nations … Continue reading

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Quietest Hurricane Period On Record

March 2012 The last two calendar years saw a total of 146 global tropical cyclones, the lowest 2-year total in records since at least 1970. In the past 24-months, including ongoing Southern Hemisphere tropical cyclone activity, there have been a … Continue reading

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More Stupidity From Time Magazine And The Team

James Hansen’s Scary New Math A new analysis by the NASA climatologist for the first time ties specific weather events to human-induced climate change How can NASA physicist and climatologist James E. Hansen, writing in the New York Times today, “say with high confidence” that recent … Continue reading

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Quick Math Primer

If you average two odd integers, the average is also an integer.  average(7,5) = 6.0 If you average two even integers, the average is also an integer.    average(8,6) = 7.0 If you average an odd and an even integer, … Continue reading

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