Government Scientists Never Lie

25 Mar 1954 – The Sydney Morning Herald – p1

Undetectable within 500 miles”  …..  So what really happened at Bikini?

11 Apr 1954 – 2,200 Miles From Bomb Not Safe

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2 Responses to Government Scientists Never Lie

  1. Billy Liar says:

    I was collecting tritium (half-life 12.3 years) in meltwater stream samples in Iceland 16 years later. That’s more than 500 miles away.

    • I was working in a lab at Los Alamos in 1978, when a guy ran in from next door screaming “tritium leak,” Fortunately tritium rises quickly and I was able to evacuate with exposure.

      My girlfriend wasn’t so lucky in a separate accident, and was told by the doctor to drink lots of alcohol after she got exposed.

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