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My Champions League Forecast

Both teams have been looking pretty lame since the semifinals, and this game lacks the excitement of last year – when Barcelona was at the top of their game. My forecast is that unless the cable guy gets here very soon, my … Continue reading

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My UAH May Forecast

0.23 Down from 0.29 in April.

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Polar Bear Drowning Season Kicks Off

Barrow made it above freezing yesterday for the first time in seven months. This marks the official beginning of the Polar Bear drowning season.

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What Breitbart Should Have Said

The story should have started : “Obama’s literary agent listed him as Kenya born for almost two decades – while he was a US senator and until a year before the presidential election. Obama apparently never objected” The dispersed and semi-incoherent information … Continue reading

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Thirty Two Years Ago Today

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The Zwally Death Spiral

NASA says that the Arctic may be ice free this summer. Below I projected a likely path for the imminent death spiral. Don’t be fooled by high extent values over the next couple of weeks.

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Is Obama A Birther?

He has obviously been telling people for decades that he was born in Kenya. The press corps(e) should expose him for being the original birther, but instead they simply choose to stick their heads further up their asses, and shoot … Continue reading

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