GISS 2012 Update – Plummeting Below Scenario C

Through April, GISS is averaging 0.44 for the year – tanking ever further below Hansen’s zero emissions scenario C.

The team has suddenly developed amnesia about his 1998 forecasts, and have reverted back to an obscure 1981 Hansen forecast which won’t collapse for a few more years.


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2 Responses to GISS 2012 Update – Plummeting Below Scenario C

  1. chris y says:

    This graph made me reconsider Gore’s flat-Earther comments. It seems to me that the CACC promoters are the flat Earthers. Here’s why-

    Consider historical flat-Earth geography. Beyond the observational horizon, great minds conceived of peril and disaster, an edge or cliff or tipping point that would lead to certain destruction. This was based partly on acknowledging the flatness of the observed world, and that this flatness could not extend without limits.

    Now think about the apocalyptic predictions portended by the great minds of the environmental movement. Although things may appear ok now, this cannot continue without limits. There must be a tipping point or edge or cliff just a little into the future, a horizon that cannot be observed. The tipping point leads to the dead-certain destruction of all life on Earth.

    As time marches on, the edges of the map catch up with the predicted cliffs, ornately decorated with mystical dragons, witches and ocean monsters. The old predictions of the end-of-the-Earth are revealed as ignorant blather. Unlike the flat-Earthers of the past, however, the current crop simply move the cliffs and edges out past the horizon, once again proclaiming equally dire apocalyptic doom.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Billions of dollars have been pissed away to rescue the world from a stable climate!

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