Crystal Mountain Not Yet Shizophrenic

Crystal Mountain Resort remains just one of seven North American resorts still in operation, and if all the stars align, snow lovers could be carving turns there well into early summer.

Crystal Mountain still open with near-record snowfall 

Barack Obama seems to have many different personas, but Crystal Mountain still only has one.

Perhaps the author meant to say … “one of just seven remaining ….”

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2 Responses to Crystal Mountain Not Yet Shizophrenic

  1. tckev says:

    From your link –
    “The season snowfall total is 580 inches; the record is the 612 inches that fell in 2010-11 when the resort stayed open until July 16. The previous record was 598 inches in 1998-99.”

    Obviously the glowball warming doesn’t reach here.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Lots of/little snow are entirely consistent with a warming planet. Same goes for permanent droughtflood. It’s worse than we thought!

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