Guardian Rule #1 : Assume The Readers Are Morons

Flash floods are on the rise, while the budget to tackle them sinks

The Environment Agency has warned the UK to expect more floods but its advice seems to be falling on deaf ears

A moving new exhibition of photographs at Somerset House shows the human impact of flooding around the world over the past five years and provides an insight into how climate change may already be disrupting lives and livelihoods.

The images from major flooding events in the UK, Pakistan, Australia and Thailand feature victims and survivors as they cope with the inundation of their homes and the aftermath. The photographer, Gideon Mendel, says his intention is “to depict them as individuals, not as nameless statistics”. He adds: “Coming from disparate parts of the world, their faces show us their linked vulnerability despite the vast differences in their lives and circumstances.”

Flash floods are on the rise, while the budget to tackle them sinks | Bob Ward | Environment |

The article provides no evidence to back up its claim that flooding has increased. Here is their headline from one month ago :

Drought should force football clubs to consider artificial turf

Drought should force football clubs to consider artificial turf | Leo Hickman | Environment |

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6 Responses to Guardian Rule #1 : Assume The Readers Are Morons

  1. omnologos says:

    But Steven …everybody knows the Guardian’s 12 remaining readers ARE morons!

  2. kirkmyers says:

    When it comes to the theory of AGW, The Guardian is clearly in the alarmist camp. The editors simply can’t bring themselves to report the many facts that expose the slipshod science behind the global warming theory. They have invested their egos and assets into regurgitating “consensus” arguments that blame mankind for “the coming global warming apocalypse” (when, in fact, global cooling should be the immediate concern). Instead, they resort to even more scare stories in the vain hope of propping up their collapsing theory. It is a sad spectacle to behold, watching adults cling like children to beliefs that are clearly false.

  3. From a recent paper by Greek scientists.

    Analysis of trends and of aggregated time series on climatic (30-year) scale does not indicate consistent trends worldwide. Despite common perception, in general, the detected trends are more negative (less intense floods in most recent years) than positive. Similarly, Svensson et al. (2005) and Di Baldassarre et al. (2010) did not find systematical change neither in flood increasing or decreasing numbers nor change in flood magnitudes in their analysis

    Click to access 2011EGU_DailyDischargeMaxima_Pres.pdf

  4. scizzorbill says:

    Methinks they are chumming for a flash flood tax.

  5. Billy Liar says:

    They should know. Apparently, you are viewed with suspicion in the BBC if you don’t read the Grauniad [sic]. The BBC is obviously looking for morons to work with them since they advertise BBC vacancies in the Grauniad too. Positive feedback at work.

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