Another Busy Week For The Religion Of Peace

Islam: Making a True Difference in the World – One Body at a Time

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13 Responses to Another Busy Week For The Religion Of Peace

  1. omnologos says:


    Jew-haters didn’t start too far from those arguments.

    In the long run, there have been far many more dead killed by christians than by muslims. And far many more wars instigated by christians than by muslims.

    Also the vast majority of “jihad” victims are other muslims, so it cannot be a ‘religious’ problem can it.

    • Jihad is by definition a religious act. Do you have any reason to believe that the list isn’t accurate?

    • Blade says:

      I doubt Steve wants this to get out of control so it is better just to state my opinion that this was the most funny thing I’ve read in a long time without a /SARC tag attached.

      omnologos appears to be a good egg in comments I’ve read here and elsewhere, so maybe he is swept up in political correctness or living in a place where the truth will get him in trouble, who knows.

      At least he got the last sentence correct.

    • LLAP says:

      @Omnologos: “In the long run, there have been far many more dead killed by christians than by muslims. And far many more wars instigated by christians than by muslims.”

      Be specific. You can’t make a statement like that and not back it up with examples.

  2. gator69 says:

    The whole ‘Christians started more wars’ is a red herring. The wars were started by men in positions of power, who used religion as an excuse.Those conflicts have no basis in with the teachings of Christ.

    Islam is a political structure disguised as a ‘religion’ and is militant to its core, Mohammad, who personally cut the heads off of Jews according to their own texts.

  3. omnologos says:

    I have not claimed the list is inaccurate. It most likely is very accurate. As I said just the home page now shows attacks in muslim countries, as I’d expect.

    It’s the ‘consequences’ that inspire revulsion in me. Rather than seeing things as they are (‘men in positions of power’) the author makes sweeping statements about an entire religion.

    That is senseless for obvious reasons. Just look at history. Plus of course anybody can quote anything out of the Bible, or the Quran.

  4. David says:

    Omnologos, their is a systemic ideological poison within Islam, likely heavily influenced in the first two hundred years of its history. The fact that Muslims often kill other Muslims is not a defense of Islamic extremist, for they often kill other Muslimsbecause of the same religious views for which they attck the west.
    The Islamsists Hadith declares war on non-Muslims and commands to subjugate them under Islam, irrespective of their deeds. If terrorism is caused by the “harm by the West to Muslims,” why then do Sunni Muslims burn Shi’ite mosques in countries like Pakistan and Iraq? Why is it that Islamists have been throwing acid on the faces of women in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria and Iran? Consider the genocide in Darfur as well as the unending violence in India like the recent killings in Mumbai, the slaughter of Russian school children in Breslan, as well as the terrorist bombing in Bali. In the 90’s, in Algeria, in a conflict most Americans never heard of, 150,000 Muslims were killed by Jihadi. What of the blowing up of Buddhist sculptures as well as terrorism in Indonesia. Islamists bomb school houses with children inside. They stone women to death. They do not believe in property rights or religious freedom. They have thousands of schools (In the middle east, Africa, Europe and the US and Palestine) that to various degrees teach their children to hate people of other faiths as well as people of different views within their own faith. The list is long indeed and begs the questions; are these brutalities also committed because the West harms Muslims? Westerners are not the primary target of the Jihadi and it is unreasonable to blame the west or assume that terrorism would end if the west capitulated to Islamist who are as violent against more moderate Islamic views as they are against the West.

    • omnologos says:

      David – centuries have passed with not much violence around the Islamic world. You’re mixing up the intrinsic characters of a religion with the particulars of the current historical period.

      Remember, in Rambo 2 they were the good guys. By the time Rambo 25 comes out, they might be the good guys again. This says nothing about a religion.

      • For one to conclude that the violence of Islam in currents events and non-main-stream news (ie. ISLAM IN ACTION) says nothing about the religion,,, he has to be majorly deluded. One must also suppress the truth that Islams history is more full of violence than it’s current actions because Islam is surely THE RELIGION OF CONQUEST (conquering by the sword 2/3 of known civilization in it’s first 100 years),,, and not a peaceful religion at all. . And when someone says something like you did we can conclude that person has not read the Koran and Sunnah of Muhammad (the Hadiths and Sira [MO’s biographies]) or he is committing Taqiyya (or peeing on your leg telling you it is raining).

        i CHALLENGE YOU TO READ THE KORAN FOR YOURSELF,,, The last delivered most important chapter is Surah 9. Here is a part of verse 29,, FIGHT THOSE THAT BELIEVE NOT IN ALLAH. Can you find a command in any other religious book that commands it’s readers to fight those that believe not?


        Theodore Roosevelt. — “During the thousand years that included the careers of the Frankish soldier and the Polish king, the Christians of Asia and Africa proved unable to wage successful war with the Moslem conquerors; and in consequence Christianity practically vanished from the two continents; and today nobody can find in them any “social values” whatever, in the sense in which we use the words, so far as the sphere of Mohammedan influence. There are such “social values” today in Europe, America, and Australia only because during those thousand years the Christians of Europe possessed the warlike power to do what the Christians of Asia and Africa had failed to do – that is, to beat back the Moslem invader.”

      • Blade says:

        Darn, I replied in the wrong place. See below.

  5. Blade says:

    That was Rambo 3 and I thought it was a very well done movie. Respectful of the people and even their religion while thoroughly addressing the nuances of the war and the political conflict.

    I’m reminded of here in the USA in November 2001 the leftist talking heads and doomsayers were already using phrases like: ‘they were the good guys then (1980’s)‘ in a failed attempt to allege hypocrisy while crapping on Bush43 and the war effort. It was distasteful but very ironic to hear because in a very real sense it directly compares to other blanket bigoted or ‘racist’ generalizations that lefties always accuse others of.

    One could always count on some ignorant (D) in Congress or on TV to lump the Mujahideen in Afghanistan of the 1980’s, those that were fighting for their very survival against the big red machine, with the next generation of Pakistani financed Taliban scum. It reeks of ‘they’re all the same’. While no two groups are ever perfectly identical, it should be patently obvious when they are nearly the opposite! Of course the real point was actually to sow seeds of doubt and undermine the Northern Alliance as trustworthy by confusing them with the Taliban, something that anyone that was there in late 2001 would laugh at. Once the Taliban crumbled they shut up for a while, until their next opportunity to spread FUD in Iraq.

    Historical facts belie the other point. The Shiite and Sunni conflict has been going since Muhammad died and shows no signs of letting up. To be Shia in Iraq or Syria where until recently there was no open reporting is completely different than many other modernized places. We have seen with our own eyes nothing short of secret hidden genocide where thousands or hundreds of thousands disappear until their bones turn up in the desert from an American excavation. I see no logical reason to state that this is only a recent phenomenon that wasn’t occurring for all the centuries prior to the onset of 24/7 news channels.

    Just for kicks I took a look at Wankerpedia and saw this insanity: “The relationship between the ideologies of Sunnis and Shiites is comparable to that of the Catholic and Protestant divisions of Christianity in the commonality of some fundamental beliefs.”. That is just industrial strength stupid. Yes, they were not talking about murder and genocide but the association was made. With such lies and propaganda widely available there really is little hope for the human race.

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