Boris Mocks Barry

I see the G8 has a brilliant solution to the problems of the eurozone. President Obama says it’s time for “growth and jobs”. Jolly good. That’s the stuff. Let me show you how to create employment – the Brussels way.

Unemployment is rising by the day, and among young people it now stands at a shameful 54 per cent. Yup, folks – those are the results of an EU plan to produce “growth and jobs”. It was called the euro, and it has been a catastrophe for Greece and pretty bad (with one notable exception) for the rest of the continent.

Europe is driving full-tilt, foot on the pedal, into a brick wall – Telegraph

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2 Responses to Boris Mocks Barry

  1. Now, listen to me, this, yeah, I’m getting to it, this is how you make a job:

    The government says we gotta have 200,000 new cars by next year, so GM is going to build 130,000 and Chrysler is going to build 50,000 and FIAT or Saab will make the other . . . what we got left? 60 or 70 thousand. So Saab makes 70,000 cars. And that gives the US at least 5000 new jobs that we wouldn’t have had. And you might ask, where are Americans going to get the money to buy those cars? Well, it’s not as hard as the Republicans made it seem. Those 5000 new workers can afford 5 or 6 cars each, so that’s going to be 80,000 cars, and all without raising a single tax or electing George Bush to a third term.

    And GM stays in business and everybody gets to make money. Simple!

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