Joe Romm – The Anti-Science Girl

Romm has been butting heads a lot lately with NOAA’s experts. They keep telling him that his hysterical assertions have nothing to do with science.

NOAA says that Romm is FOS.

those who continue to talk in certain terms of a future blighted by more severe tornadoes as a result of climate change are failing to heed all the available evidence.

Harold Brooks is a research meteorologist and head of the modelling, observation and analysis team at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Severe Storms Laboratory in Oklahoma

Global warming heats up tornado debate – opinion – 07 May 2012 – New Scientist

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1 Response to Joe Romm – The Anti-Science Girl

  1. In Romm’s world the overwhelming scientific consensus in the literature reflects whatever goofy ideas he thinks up next. Talk about amazing coincidence.

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