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97% Of Rocket Scientists Say That Hansen Has To Go

To the long list of right-wing, knuckle-dragging know nothings who dare question “global warming,” environmentalists can add six Apollo astronauts, two rocket men who flew aboard Skylab and a pair of former directors of the Johnson Space Center (JSC). These … Continue reading

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Death Spiral Causes Cold Snowy Winters In The Eastern US

More evidence that the most vocal climate scientists are completely full of shit. This year they told us that the warm winter in the Eastern US was due to global warming and missing Arctic ice. Two years ago they said the exact … Continue reading

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Joe Romm – The Anti-Science Girl

Romm has been butting heads a lot lately with NOAA’s experts. They keep telling him that his hysterical assertions have nothing to do with science. NOAA says that Romm is FOS. those who continue to talk in certain terms of … Continue reading

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Union Of Concerted Scamsters

Global Warming The Earth is warming and human activity is the primary cause. Climate disruptions put our food and water supply at risk, endanger our health, jeopardize our national security, and threaten other basic human needs. Some impacts—such as record high temperatures, melting … Continue reading

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James Hansen – The Steinbeck Of Climate Fiction

Hansen recently made this dire statement. “Over the next several decades, the Western United States and the semi-arid region from North Dakota to Texas will develop semi-permanent drought, with rain, when it does come, occurring in extreme events with heavy … Continue reading

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ABC News : Global Warming As Bad As The Bombing Of Dresden

‘The Great Big Book of Horrible Things’: WWII and Climate Change – ABC News Bill Blakemore actually could learn something about climate from the 1930s, if his brain was fully functional. Based on the article above, it appears that may … Continue reading

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