Satellite Sea Level Fraud – Worse Than It Seems

Nature reports that glacial melt and thermal expansion only cause half of the tiny bit of sea level rise reported by tide gauges.

Source found for missing water in sea-level rise
Human use of water contributes markedly to rising tides.
Amanda Mascarelli
20 May 2012

Climate change, with its associated melting ice caps and shrinking glaciers, is the usual suspect when it comes to explaining rising sea levels. But a recent study now shows that human water use has a major impact on sea-level change that has been overlooked.

During the latter half of the twentieth century, global sea level rose by about 1.8 millimetres per year, according to data from tide gauges. The combined contribution from heating of the oceans, which makes the water expand, along with melting of ice caps and glaciers, is estimated to be 1.1 millimetres per year, which leaves some 0.7 millimetres per year unaccounted for. This gap has been considered an important missing piece of the puzzle in estimates for past and current sea-level changes and for projections of future rises.

It now seems that the effects of human water use on land could fill that gap. A team of researchers reports in Nature Geoscience that land-based water storage could account for 0.77 millimetres per year, or 42%, of the observed sea-level rise between 1961 and 2003. Of that amount, the extraction of groundwater for irrigation and home and industrial use, with subsequent run-off to rivers and eventually to the oceans, represents the bulk of the contribution.

Source found for missing water in sea-level rise : Nature News & Comment

But it is worse than it seems. Much of the remaining claimed 1mm/year rise is due to subsidence caused by groundwater pumping, as well as gravity dragging the tide gauges down.

Our satellite friends recently tripled Envisat sea level rise to almost 3mm/year, to bring it in line with their other bogus trends.

h/t to Marc Morano

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14 Responses to Satellite Sea Level Fraud – Worse Than It Seems

  1. Jason Calley says:

    The CAGW enthusiasts cannot be changed by showing them the facts. Why is that? Because they will forge (“adjust” is too mild a word) new data and create their own “facts” to accommodate their beliefs.

  2. Latitude says:

    Envisat was put up because Jason’s were failing…..and then they tune Envisat to match Jason’s….LOL
    This is like buying a new TV because the old one was wonky…..and making the new TV match the old one

  3. Latitude says:

    so how’s that hopey changy thing working for you………

    9/11 ‘truther’ leading Egyptian presidential race

    An Islamist who believes that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States were an American conspiracy is the front-runner in Egypt’s presidential race, a new poll shows.

  4. Eric Simpson says:

    Info seems a little on the sketchy side, but a possibly important development is the Russian Academy of Sciences has apparently came out against the hoax, announcing: “Global warming is coming to an end: In the coming years the temperature over the entire planet will fall … … The process of a general temperature decrease has already begun, according to the research. After having peaked in 2005 … According to the scientists, global temperatures will fall another 0.15°C by 2015, which corresponds to the climate of the early 1980s.” Source:

    • Latitude says:

      ..need a blog post on this

    • Marian says:

      “Eric Simpson says:
      May 22, 2012 at 6:08 pm
      Info seems a little on the sketchy side, but a possibly important development is the Russian Academy of Sciences has apparently came out against the hoax,”

      Yeah Eric.

      From what I’ve seen and heard. There appears to be quite a number of pissed off Russian scientists who’re sick and tired of the limited amount of cherry picked science papers which were use by the likes of the IPCC for promoting the AGW/CC hoax. While ignoring many top notch real world science papers which show natural variation, etc.

      I can’t remember the name of one top Russian scientist, but he was interviewed a couple of year back on how many peer reviewed science papers were ignored by the IPCC while well, you know the rest the bulk of their crap coming from the WWF, etc.

  5. Let’s be fair: my wife & I were forced to flee the rising sea levels in Philadelphia. We’ve moved to a safe 520 or so feet above sea level. Safe, that is, until we get the hyper-accelerating sea-level-rise thanks to David Appell’s damned dams releasing all that water they’ve been holding back.

  6. Dave says:

    Tidal gauges are fixed to the ocean’s bottom, which is far from a static position. Plate tectonics causes continuous changes to topography, both above and below sea level. From what I can tell, the numbskull academics responsible for all of these alarming prognostications do not consider this geological phenomenon in their predictions. Thus, what they do predict is utter BS.

  7. Espen says:

    Groundwater depletion is a real and in some areas urgent problem, the church of CAGW would rather want you to concentrate on the CO2 Thermageddon than on real problems.

  8. Anymoose says:

    What a laugh! These so-called researchers pretend to be able to measure sea level rise to within hundredths of a millimeter. Do they expect everybody to swallow that line of propaganda? Nowhere is it mentioned how much water is coming from the 40,000 miles of mid-ocean ridge. Where did these guys get their degrees?

  9. J Doug says:

    The IEA believes that Russian meteorological-station data did not substantiate the anthropogenic global-warming theory. Analysts say Russian meteorological stations cover most of the country’s territory, and that the Hadley Center had used data submitted by only 25% of such stations in its reports. Over 40% of Russian territory was not included in global-temperature calculations for some other reasons, rather than the lack of meteorological stations and observations.

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