Why Hansen/USHCN Had To Do Their Y2K Cheat

Without the Y2K rewrite of the US temperature record, the US graph would look like this.

The graph above appends the last fourteen years of the current GISS US graph on to the uncorrupted 1999 version – with everything normalized to 1998.

Without the Y2K data tampering, the US would be cooler than the 1930s – and that would have severely damaged Hansen’s ability to keep the $100 billion/year scam alive.

Also note that without the tampering, the four hottest years in the US would have occurred before 1960.  By tampering with the data, Hansen has made an honest discussion about global warming nearly impossible.

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2 Responses to Why Hansen/USHCN Had To Do Their Y2K Cheat

  1. lanceap says:

    boy if that doesn’t show it in plain graph form, of course the LSM won’t even go there….

  2. dmmcmah says:

    Hansen is indeed a doctor – a medical doctor for the entire climate:

    “350 is Possible by 2100
    Dr. James Hansen Prescribes a 6% Carbon Reduction per Year”


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