Dear Suzanne

As you have recently discovered, there is no big money denial machine. We are scientists and engineers who do this for free, in defense of science and free speech.

The corruption and big money is on the alarmist side. People like Peter Gleick have been trying to crush dissent since time immemorial. It never works – truth always finds a way.

And all your hysterical rantings won’t change a thing.

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11 Responses to Dear Suzanne

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steve, for the message.

    There is mounting evidence that deception exposed by Climategate emails and documents in November 2009 were the tip of a cancerous growth that went undetected on government science for about sixty-four years (2009-1945 = 64 yrs).

    Now the ‘plot’ is about restoring freedoms and libertarian values, i.e., constitutional rights of citizens, their right to information, and citizen control over government.

    That includes the right to factual information about the Sun’s dominant control over the Earth, including the synthesis of its elements in a violent explosion five billion years (5 Gyr) ago that left a record in the debris of short-lived radioactive elements (Pu-244, Al-26, I-129) and He-burning to produce C-12, O-16, Ne-20, Mg-24, Si-28, S-32, etc..

    This 1980 report shows “strange” abundances of elements and isotopes in inclusions of meteorites that first condensed as “fallout” particles from the gigantic explosion of the Sun [Meteoritics 15 (30 June 1980) 117-138]:

    Click to access Noble_Gas_Anomalies.pdf

    The giant gaseous planets and the rocky planets formed from two pots of elements that were separated by the asteroid belt. Those elements came mostly from the outer and inner layers of the debris that was ejected before the Sun reformed on the central pulsar core.

    1. Beyond the asteroid belt: Pot 1: Elements in the outer region of the Solar System contained He-4, C-12, O-16, Ne-20, Mg-24, . . . etc. from He-fusion

    2. Inside the asteroid belt: Pot 2: Elements in the inner region of the Solar System contained little or no He-4, C-12, or Ne-20, but Ne-22 and abundant O-16, Mg-24, Si-28, S-32, . . . etc. from He-fusion.


    Pot 1: He-burning was quenched by expansive cooling while He-4 was still abundant

    Pot 2: He-fusion continued at higher temperatures that consumed all light elements and produced more O-16 by photo-disintegration of the most weakly bound He-fusion product (Ne-20) leaving Ne-22 with little or no Ne-20 (Ne-E)

    Ne-20 + 4.73 MeV gamma => O-16 + He-4

    See: A. G. W. Cameron, “Neon and Oxygen Thermonuclear Reactions,” Astrophysical Journal 130, pp. 895-915 (1959)…130..895C

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo
    Emeritus Professor of
    Nuclear/Space Sciences

  2. suyts says:

    Those lunatics are hilarious. Suzanne of course is the funniest. “Glieck has been cleared!!!”….. by no one.

  3. But there *must* be a big money denial machine. To Suzanne, this would be akin to denying the teachings of the last book of the Bible. Why would one deny the coming apocalypse unless one was in the employ of the devil?

  4. Ben says:

    There is mounting evidence that the big money alarmist machine removed Dr. Manuel’s closing bold tag.


  5. Malcolm says:

    “Foundations have donated over a billion dollars to fund campaigns to stop global warming but it appears that many of these campaigns have not had their desired effect and have been, in fact, counterproductive”

  6. Les Johnson says:

    Fixed the tag, I hope.

  7. Les Johnson says:

    nope. Inserting a closing tag did not work.

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