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1923 : Radical Climate Change “un-heard-of high temperatures” Causing The North Pole To Melt


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1874 : Climate Change Ruining Agriculture In Scotland

Border Watch Mount Gambier, SA Wednesday 24 June 1874 24 Jun 1874 – CURIOUS CHANGE OF CLIMATE IN SCOTLAND.

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Ben Franklin Predicted The Obama Presidency

Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy (13 November 1789). Benjamin Franklin – Wikiquote

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1846 : White Men Spoiled The Climate Of Australia

Nothing ever changes. White men ruined the climate in Australia almost two hundred years ago. Can Julia retroactively enact a horse-feed polluter tax? The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser  Wednesday 11 March 1846 11 Mar 1846 – ON THE CHANGE OF CLIMATE.  … Continue reading

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So Long Joey ……

The QPR suicide bomber is banned for 12 matches. Hopefully he has some other skills, because no team owner in their right mind is going to pick him up.

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Yet Another View Of Hansen’s Y2K Cheat

I am always looking for new ways to visualize how Hansen destroyed the integrity of the US temperature record in the year 2000. The blink comparator below shows the uncorrupted  1999 version of the graph to the left of 1998, and alternates between the … Continue reading

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T3 : Rise Of The Machines

Terminator 3 – from 2003 “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security, deserve neither and will lose both” – Ben Franklin Our world – in 2011 Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones « CBS DC

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American Lad Makes Good

Texan Clint Dempsey finished fourth in Premiership goals this season, scoring almost twice as many as Welsh star Gareth Bale.

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Science Nutcase News

Science News tells us that we will either drown, boil or freeze to death. Science News 2012 – World Doomed Due To Global Warming Big Antarctic Ice Sheet Appears Doomed – Science News Science News 1975 – World Doomed Due … Continue reading

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Florida Hurricanes Coming Further Apart

According to NASA’s top climate scientist, the oceans are gaining heat (due to man made global warming) at a rate of 400,000 A-Bombs per day. He also tells us that the warmer water causes more frequent and powerful hurricanes. It … Continue reading

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