Real Climate : Twenty Years In The Future

May 25, 2032 – posted by gavin jr.

There was no global warming scare.

A literature survey from 2000-2015 showed that there were only a small handful of peer-reviewed papers predicting catastrophic global warming. 97% of the papers predicted little or no warming, with large uncertainty values.

The global warming scare was dreamed up by Newsweek and Time magazines, was funded by the failed solar and wind industries, and had the support of a few politicians with no scientific background.

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10 Responses to Real Climate : Twenty Years In The Future

  1. gofer says:

    2032 Headline: Congress debates what to do with the thousands of abandoned and broken windmills that have become eyesores and environmental hazards along with the thousands of broken solar panels contaminating the soil and air. Scientists deny they ever advocated for “clean energy”, but pushed the abundant supply of gas.

    • gregole says:


      Does anyone know if there are requirements (anywhere?) for purveyors of solar panel fields and wind-farms to post a bond for their eventual decommissioning and scrapping?

      I think that in Texas recently, such a requirement for oil pumping equipment has been established since an operator could simply bankrupt the company that held the asset of the oil equipment and walk away leaving the decommissioning of the asset to the state (you and me).

      I’m not expert in this area, but one has to consider that after the state-sponsored construction of these boondoggles, who is going to pay for the decommissioning and clean up?

  2. Martin says:

    Somewhat O/T…..just saw this on the BBC news site:

    Seems that NOAA are now officially focussing on “named” storms rather than hurricanes much as you have been predicting for some time. I expect that they will soon “adjust” the definition of what qualifies for a hurricane in order to get the numbers up to new record highs !!

    • Andy DC says:

      Believe it or not, our friends at NOAA has been revising hurricane history from the 1930’s. One noteworthy “achievement” is that they took storms away from 1933, which was the record active season prior to 2005.

      The whole matter of named storms is a joke. They have already named one phantom storm this year and are ready to pounce on another weak disturbance this weekend.

  3. Yes Steve, you nailed it exactly. 😉

    If one does trawl the literature looking for climate science papers that predict that the world is doomed, how many will you find? 1%? Less than 1%? And what is the basis of these papers? Largely poor logic, computer models loaded with dubious assumptions and error filled statistical treatments.

    It will in fact be possible to declare that there was no global warming scare on that basis alone and it will sound credible to a new generation that has had no direct experience of this sorry historical episode.

  4. Don Gaddes says:

    2031 – 2032 will be Two Solar/Earth ‘Wet’/Normal Years [Australia], before a severe Five Solar/Earth Year ‘Dry’ Cycle 2033 – 2037. ( the equivalent of [Australia] 2013 – 2019 as predicted in Alex S Gaddes’ book ‘Tomorrow’s Weather’ 1990.) This will affect the planet in turn at thirty degrees longitude/month (with the westward orbit of the Earth’s Magnetic field.) Australia is one of the last countries affected in the orbit. An updated version of this work (with ‘Dry’ Cycle forecasts to 2055) is available as a free pdf from

  5. Robertvdl says:

    Twenty Years In The Future there will be only 500 000 000 left if they get away with what there’re planning for us.

    Maintain humanity under 500,000,000
    In perpetual balance with nature

    More power in the hands of less people. Monckton exposes those who hold the creed that ‘the real enemy is humanity itself.’ It has nothing to do with Climat Change but with Regime Change.

    • Robertvdl says:

      They’re planning

      • ozspeaksup says:

        they can plan all they laid plans etc etc.
        its why they want to shut down out Net so badly.
        without it they could and would have got away with all the lies re climate.
        like they did with Enrons profitable Ozone scare etc,
        for all Gores supposed medi savvy he thought that one movie would do the trick and have us all in a almost worked.
        except for the net and you tube and sites like this and wuwt etc
        thing is, many many of us know and are planning right back at em:-)
        feels rather good to know theyre going to have another epic fail:-)

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