How To Get People To Do Really, Really Bad Things

The approach is simple, and has been tested over and over again throughout history.

If you can convince a significant segment of the population that there is evil which threatens their existence, you can get them to engage in almost any atrocity.

The particular evil is irrelevant. Hitler convinced many people in Germany that Jews were evil, and threatened their existence. Hansen has convinced many people that CO2 and climate deniers are evil, and threaten their existence. The same story has repeated itself over and over again – Infidels, Muslims, Hindus, witches, blacks, whites, alcohol, Chinese, Japanese, immigrants … etc.

History is full of atrocities committed by imbeciles – who were motivated by irrational fear and believed that they were doing something good.

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21 Responses to How To Get People To Do Really, Really Bad Things

  1. Sundance says:

    I find that the use of the term denier is rich in irony as it is skeptics that are being targeted like the Jews. The German Green Party was complicit in helping Hitler’s propaganda campaign against the Jews.

    “The shocking climax of the infamous 1940 Nazi documentary film entitled “The Eternal Jew” stunningly reveals a strong green rationalization based on animal rights for the looming destruction of the Jews. According to Nazi ideology, the so-called “eternal Jew” is the transcendent Jew who tries to live above Nature through economics and capitalism in the west, or through politics and communism in the east.” (Isn’t the new tactic of alarmists to paint capitalism and fossil fuel industry as the threat to biodiversity and future extinctions? Funny how what used to be old is now new again) 🙂

    ‘The Green Nazis’

    “Many Nazis, including the Fuhrer himself, believed that the industrial age along with its emphasis upon commercialism, city life, international trade and finance were corrupting the biological substance of the German people. The Nazis thus had an extreme literal reading of Nature which would spell absolute disaster for the Jews in particular precisely because they allegedly lived by a false, “eternal,” or transcendent ethos, far above the natural world and her “scientific” evolutionary natural laws of racism.”

    So who do the so called global warming “deniers” most closely resemble in the above scenario? It would seem to be the Jews, yes? I’m sure if Mooney was around back then, there would have been a book titled “The Jewish Brain” to illustrate why Jews are inferior. 🙂

  2. Kaboom says:

    If you watch the radical demands some of the leading AGW proponents make and how little the media and public speak out against them it isn’t a far leap to understand why good people stood aside when the brown hordes marched.

  3. tckev says:

    “On the one hand, as scientists we are ethically bound to the scientific method, in effect promising to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but – which means that we must include all the doubts, the caveats, the ifs, ands, and buts. On the other hand, we are not just scientists but human beings, as well. And like most people we’d like to see the world a better place, which in this context translates into our working to reduce the risk of disastrous climate change. To do that we need to get some broad-based support, to capture the public’s imagination. That, of course, means getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we may have. This ‘double ethical bind’ we frequently find ourselves in cannot be solved by any formula. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest. I hope that means being both.” – Stephen Schneider, Stanford climatologist, in interview with Discover magazine.

    Yeah, and I got a Hansen climate game computer to sell you.

  4. Andyj says:

    The so-called greens have always been called the water melon party in the UK. Just a thin veneer of green, red through and through.

    They, through their Fabian thinkmanship know you can better influence the average Joe by being nice on the surface but nasty as hell if you don’t follow the consequences. It’s blatant Neurol linguistic programming.

    Sundance mentioned about the Green Nazi’s. Well, Hitler got all his idea’s from the founder member of the Fabian Society. George Barnard Shaw. All you have to do is go into Youtube and search for “shaw fabian”. He was the one who said the US should repeal its constitution, gas the economically unfit, euthanasia, you name it. All the British Labour party hierarchy are in the Fabian Society.

  5. Sleepalot says:

    Aye. Take a look at yourselves, Christians.

    • Mike Mangan says:

      I just talked to God. He said you should go fuck yourself.

      • Sleepalot says:

        Typical. “God” never does anything himself.

      • Mike Mangan says:

        Yes, God truly screwed up by creating a legion of arrogant atheists, as cocksure and annoying as any fundamentalist Christian or Muslim on the planet. You wear your assumed intellectual superiority like a thorny crown, don’t you?

      • Sleepalot says:

        Actually I was making a whole series of points, and Mike beatifully assisted in demonstrated some of them.
        1) as an atheist, I was being called a “denier” for over a decade before Warmists started using the term. Indeed the very definition of atheism has been controlled
        by Christians for centuries: “denial of the existence of God” (as opposed to the equally absurd “denial of the existence of Shiva”). Atheism is not denial.
        2) My “religious denial” – if you would call it that (as opposed to my climate skepticism) is _illegal_ in several countries, and repressed in others. Several US states have laws prohibiting atheists from holding office albeit those laws are unconstitutional. As a UK taxpayer I’m forced to contribute to religious schools – who are allowed to actively discriminate in employing teachers; to repair churches; to supply chaplains to prisons, hospitals and the military; and so on, yet delicate religious sensibilities are protected under UK law should I have the temerity to complain. IF I UPSET THEISTS BY WRITING THIS, I COULD BE BREAKING THE LAW!
        Mike nicely demonstrates how easily Christians are offended, and the venom they save for atheists. (Love thy neighbour – unless he’s a godless atheist swine.)
        3) There are Bishops in my Parliament: there’re Bibles in my Courts – to enable religious prejudice. I am a second-class citizen in my own country.
        4) If you object to children being indoctrinated with climate-alarm, or any particular politics, you should equally object to religious indoctrination in schools.
        5) That discrimination is so entreched, Christians are oblivious to the evil they support.

      • Sleepalot says:

        Note Mike’s use of the word “legion” – that’s demonisation. To Mike, I’m not a human, I’m the devil.

      • LLAP says:

        @Sleepalot … do you honestly think living under an atheistic regime would be so much better? Why not ask anyone who lived in the Soviet Union under Stalin or Lenin? Or how about Mao’s China? Or Pol Pot’s Cambodia? North Korea? Nazi Germany? Currently in Canada, Christians are being dragged before kangaroo courts called “Human Rights Commissions” and are being persecuted (and fined $) for expressing their beliefs. In many Muslim countries, Christians are being killed for no other reason than being Christian. While I feel badly that your view of Christians is obviously tainted, I won’t sit back and let you paint ALL Christians as you do.

        P.S. You say “As a UK taxpayer I’m forced to contribute to religious schools”. Fair enough, but that sword cuts both ways. I am forced to pay taxes to support public schools in Ontario where prayer and the mention of God is forbidden.

      • Billy Liar says:


        Hello Richard Dawkins!

      • Sleepalot says:

        @ Billy Liar. Ha! No, I’m just a “Joe Public”.

      • Sleepalot says:

        @ LLAP “You too” is a logical fallacy. It’s more reasonable to look at Stalinist Russia and Maoist China as cults with living gods, than as atheistic societies. (Psst. Calling Nazi Germany “atheistic” is a give-away. Let’s not have that “Hitler was an atheist” argument, if you don’t mind.) I don’t know about the Canadian thing, but please consider the possibility that threatening people with ETERNAL TORTURE is not actually a nice thing to do. (Actually it’s worse than a death threat – and intentionally so.)
        Re: Christians being killed in Muslim countries. As an atheist, I utterly and unreservedly comdemn such atrocities: I speak in favour of complete religious freedom – including freedom _from_ religion, freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Will you join me? Ah no, it appears not – you complain about secular schools. That is why I spoke up in this thread. You don’t see your hypocrisy: not even when prompted to write about the issues yourself. _You simply don’t think_. (Thank you for helping me make my point.)

      • LLAP says:

        @Sleepalot: “Will you join me? Ah no, it appears not – you complain about secular schools”

        Complain? Hardly … that was simply made as a counterpoint to your complaint about religious schools.

        “but please consider the possibility that threatening people with ETERNAL TORTURE is not actually a nice thing to do”

        You are free to ignore it … it isn’t state sanctioned.

        “You simply don’t think …”

        Yes I do … I think you are blinded by hate, so much so that you cannot see it.

  6. Marian says:

    “Andyj says:
    May 26, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    They, through their Fabian thinkmanship know you can better influence the average Joe by being nice on the surface but nasty as hell if you don’t follow the consequences. It’s blatant Neurol linguistic programming.”

    Yes pretty much correct.

    We can see the results in Australia with PM Julia Gillard.(Fabian)

    We also saw it here in NZ under Former PM Helen Clark (Fabian) Whose now gone onto bigger control freaking as the NO#3 in the UN heading UNDP!

  7. Well, Australia’s government appointed “climate commissioner” is now telling us that we should extract the mercury from the teeth of dead bodies before burying them in order to save the environment:

    It used to be the gold from the teeth in order to save the economy…

  8. Shooter says:

    @Sleepalot Why do you only condemn Christians? Where’s your hate for Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, etc? Or is “Christianity” the only religion for you?

    Also, atheism is a religion. Don’t act like you’re the “oppressed” type: Atheists actually smash gravestones and other things as they feel it is “brainwashing children”.

    “I speak in favour of religious freedom” – Unless the fact that religion is abolished completely. That’s walking backwards in your own footsteps. Atheists don’t want religious freedom; they want religion gone forever. In that case, atheism should be abolished as well.

    Climate is not the same as religion. That’s a logical fallacy to compare the two.

    And, LLAP, Stalin didn’t kill anyone. I’m tired of repeating myself. It was Bukharin, and he killed 640,000 people. NOT MILLIONS. Jesus. Glad all of you are ignorant of history.

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