“climate experts believe that the next ice age is on its way”

Arctic temperatures plummeting …. unprecedented hunger and death

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7 Responses to “climate experts believe that the next ice age is on its way”

  1. Otter says:

    Did they actually name any of those climate experts? Seems to me, there has to be a list of all the scientists who spoke up during that period, or did peer-reviewed research… we need to be able to throw that list in the face of the people who claim it never happened.

  2. tckev says:

    Nice to see Leonard Nimoy got beamed in to do the voice-over here.
    He’s so authoritative, so believable when he speaks like that.

  3. Tourist in Chief says:

    I think Stephen Schneider is in one of those…

  4. Sundance says:

    How could the Arctic temperature have shifted by 2 degC in just 30 years? I thought only man could cause that kind of temperature changes to the Arctic? 🙂

  5. sabretoothed says:

    Did you see the part about Baffin island, it proves the scam

    Baffin Island has been getting colder for the last 3000 years. An Ice Age will eventually occur. : A team of scientists, Zdanowicz et al., analyzing the summer water melt rate for the Penny ice cap determined its 2010 temperatures were consistent with temperatures of 3,000 years ago – meaning, that current temps are significantly below those of both the Roman and Minoan warming spans. http://www.c3headlines.com/are-todays-temperatures-unusual/

    Watch from 5:30 onwards http://youtu.be/5ndHwW8psR8

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