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Wednesday, August 17, 2011
No End in Sight for Texas Drought

Good call. The drought is over for 90% of the state.

Gov. Perry, who failed to stop the drought with his prayer proclamation, yesterday dismissed any worries about the Texas drought while speaking at the Iowa State Fair. Perry said, “we’ll be fine. As my dad says, it’ll rain. It always does.“

Texas is having one of their wettest years on record in 2012. Apparently Perry’s father was correct, and Dessler is clueless.

Perry believes that the climate is still normal, unaffected by the 30 billion metric tons of carbon gas human civilization pumps in the biosphere every year, a level expected to increase to 33.8 billion metric tons annually by 2020 and grow to 42.4 billion metric tons annually by 2035.

As opposed to the 970 billion metric tons which nature pumps into the atmosphere every year.

Texas has grown hotter and drier, with stronger wildfires and torrential storms as climate changing greenhouse gases build in the atmosphere. Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, director of the Texas Tech University Climate Science Center, has said

NCDC records show that there is no trend in Texas temperature or precipitation since they started keeping records in 1895. Facts and Katherine are like oil and water.

For many of us, we only have to look in our own backyards to see the evidence with our own eyes. Trees are blooming earlier in the year, winters are getting warmer, summers are getting hotter, extreme heat is becoming more frequent, birds, insects, and other animals are moving northward … in all, more than 25,000 independent lines of physical and biological evidence point to a warming world.

During the previous few cold and snowy winters, these same people insisted that the US is only 7% of the planet, and that anyone who trusted their own eyes was ignorant.

Perhaps the Democratic Blog should stick with stuff they understand better.

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8 Responses to Democratic Blog News : Trust What You See – But Only When You Hallucinate It

  1. Beale says:

    What on earth is “carbon gas”?

  2. Apparently we are now pumping this carbon gas, not just into the atmosphere but into the whole biosphere.

  3. papiertigre says:

    I might have Barry by the house, now that I know he does the ganja.

  4. kirkmyers says:

    The Warmists’ failed AGW hypothesis has been discredited seven ways from Sunday. To salvage what’s left of their tattered reputations, they’ve decided to raise on a busted flush, blaming all severe weather events on man-induced CO2. The junk science behind such absurd proclamations is easy to spot for anyone who pays attention.

    The scientists (“propagandists” is more accurate) pushing the AGW fantasy eventually will be exposed as greedy snake oil salesmen who saw a way to line their pockets with more research dollars by manipulating and falsifying data. Many of these charlatans should be arrested and charged with fraud. They’ve bilked hardpressed taxpayers out of billions of dollars while conspiring to invent an imaginary bogeyman. Their criminality has caused irreparable harm to those they claim to be protecting..

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